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Teddy is the secondary tritagonist of Ice Age: Collision Course. He is a rabbit who lives in Geotopia. He also appears to have a crush on Granny and later becomes his boyfriend.

He is voiced by Michael Strahan


As a resident of Geotopia, Teddy made sure outsiders would enter their exotic world safely. One day, He came upon an elderly sloth, called Gladys but known more commonly as Granny. He took Gladys in Geotopia, and gave her massages. Granny's herd had come in to see if she was okay.

To Shangri Llama

"...and smells amazing!" ―Teddy about Shangri Llama[src] Later, Teddy and the rest of the herd, with Brooke as their tour guide, rode to the Geotopia master, Shangri Llama. Granny told Teddy about how disgusted she was that he was a llama. Later, Sid, Granny's grandson, had broke the Geotopia wall, trying to get a crystal for Brooke, his love.

"Remember, lift with your legs! Too late." ―Teddy to Brooke[src] They agreed to give up their crystals to save their lives. The crystals were put in a volcano and thrown into air, pulling the soon-to hit them asteroid to be thrown elsewhere. Teddy picked up a crystals before Brooke reminded everyone to lift with their legs. Teddy hurt his back, and remarks it was too late. The crystals saved everyone and they celebrated their victory.

Gladys Staying

After that, Granny decided to stay in Geotopia. One crystal survived the volcano and made it into a hot tub, called the The Fountain of Youth, making all the Geotopians young again, including Granny. Teddy, when seeing Glady's young appearances shaped his ears into a heart.

Personality & Traits

As a rabbit, Teddy had large feet and long ears. He has a greenish blue pelt covered with spots and a yellow-cream underbelly. He has yellowish brown eyes with a really fluffy cream-colored tail. Like most of the other Geotopians, Teddy had a purple crystal necklace.



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