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Hi, I am Teddy Ruxpin!
~ Introducing himself

Teddy Ruxpin is the title hero from the Teddy Ruxpin Media. He is a 16 year old Illiop (type of race that resemble the bears) and is best friends with Grubby & Mr. Newton Gimmick. Teddy was introduced as an animated storytelling plush doll with a cassette player in his back in 1985 by Worlds of Wonder. A cartoon show based on the Teddy Ruxpin characters debuted in 1986.

He is voiced by Phil Baron, who also voiced Piglet in the 1983-1986 series Welcome to Pooh Corner.

Physical appearance

Teddy is a short Brown illiop with a Tan snout. He wears a Red bodysuit with a Tan vest worn over it.


Teddy has something special with in him: a spirit of adventure, kind, caring, and brave. Teddy is the kind of Illiop to stop and help his friends, and even those he never met. He always stands up for the right thing, even if others (like M.A.V.O.) seek to stop him.


"Hi, my name is Teddy Ruxpin."
"Can you and I be friends?"
Let's get out of here Grubby."



  • Teddy was originally going to be named "Simian Greep", but his name was changed to "Teddy Ruxpin" because Greep sounded too much like the word, "geek".
  • Teddy Ruxpin was originally going to be Prince Arin's name.
  • The World of Teddy Ruxpin was originally going to be a puppet TV show instead of a book and cassette series.
  • The Teddy Ruxpin show was going to be an animatronic costume show, but it's a cartoon because an animatronic costume show would have been too expensive.
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