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Tee Watt Kaa was the leader of the Lurmen in the Star Wars series. He was the leader of his village and stubbornly pacifist. His white beard and set him apart visually from the rest of the Lurmen in his village.


Tee Watt Kaa is a male Lurmen who led a colonized village on Maridun. A devout pacifist, Kaa refused to engage in any sort of combat, even if the lives of his own were in danger. At one point, this would be challenged by the simultaneous stranding of a small group of Republic soldiers and the arrival of a Separatist superweapon test on Maridun.


Tee Watt deeply cares about his village and its interests. However, he is also devoted to his ideal of pacifism that he's willing to allow himself and his people to be enslaved to save others, rather than going against his beliefs and taking up arms.