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Teela is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise. She is the Captain of the Royal Guard at the palace of Eternos and thus responsible for training and protecting Prince Adam of Eternia.

While Adam is He-Man, Teela often assists him in his battles, but she is unaware of his alternate identity. Teela is one of the first characters developed for Masters of the Universe, although her figure was released in the second half of the first wave.

In the animated version, she is voiced by Linda Gary.


Original series

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2002 series

Teela was born the daughter of Sorceress of Castle Grayskull and a solider she nursed back to health, but was never seen again. However, she given away by the Sorceress to Man-At-Arms of the defenders as she could not raise as other responsibilities to kept from. Despite Man-At-Arms reluctance at first, he raised Teela as he as own, he taught her how to fight, turning Teela into a skilled fighter.

At young age Teela the Captain of the Royal Guard of King Randor's palace, and became friends with Randor's Prince Adam, although she teases him due his laziness and carefree attitude as Eternia is at peaceful state. On Adam's birthday, during the time when he and Teela were sparing, Adam almost got hurt but was saved by Stratos, much to Teela's relief. During Adam's birthday party, Teela finds him sleeping and brings him the party. After Adam attempts to volunteer her to be a damsel in distress princess for a performance for his party, Teela immediately rejects the idea stating she is not a damsel in distress.

After the palace was attacked by King Randor's archrival Keldor, now going by the name Skeletor, and his evil warriors, Teela and the masters of universe joined King Randor in battle. Adam and her father than joined in the battle, however, after King Randor was captured and Adam quickly fled, Teela assumed he abandoned them, believing Adam to be a coward. Teela and the masters begin losing the battle, which led to her almost being by meteor, until Adam, who has been transformed into a powerful warrior known as He-Man, arrived and saved her. After the battle with Skeletor and King Randor's rescue, Teela began to developed feelings for He-Man, and scolded Adam for seemingly cowardly behavior.

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