The Teen Titans are a group of teenagers superheroes from the TV series Teen Titans Go! and the movies Teen Titans Go! to the Movies and Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans. They are re-invented in the show as a group of comedic jerks and parodies of both the original comics and their original show. While they still engage in crime-fighting this version also has them acting as egotists, tricksters, and liars, playing up common teen-tropes. Despite their newly emphasized emotional baggage the Teen Titans of Teen Titans Go! still, work with their default goal of protecting Jump City. They are also shown to be protagonist villains often.

In Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, the Titans' portrayal is somewhat reconstructed, as they finally meet their nemesis Slade who questioned their capacity as superheroes due to their aforementioned rambunctious antics and other superheroes revealed that the Titans has yet to make significant heroic deeds. In stark contrast of their 2003 incarnations, the feud between the Titans and Slade in the movie is played less fierce due to the criminal mastermind being rather minding his evil plans than antagonizing his supposed enemy until they proved to be a major problem. Nevertheless, the Titans eventually proved themselves by defeating him and put an end on his evil plan to brainwash every single superhero to dominate the world.


Apart from the Teen Titans Go! squad, there have been over 120 other Titans who have (at one point) participated in the team. Below is a list of all the main Teen Titans characters who have made an appearance in the cartoon. If you want to see the complete lineup, click here.

Teen Titans

Titans East

  • Bumblebee - She is the leader of Titans East, and more importantly, Bumblebee can fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Hardcore powers right there.
  • Speedy - Naturally, he's Robin’s arch (or archer, since he's a good archer, as a matter of fact) rival. What does he expect, going on a date with Starfire?
  • Aqualad - He can move water freely and summon aquatic animals, like his mentor, Aquaman. Also Raven's boyfriend for a short while, but nothing too serious.
  • Más y Menos - Two identical, really fast brothers who speak a lot of Spanish. Robin fails pathetically in trying to train them to act like him.

Former Members

  • Terra - An evil spy who infiltrates the team to steal data. She can levitate and use rocks, convenient for crushing Beast Boy. She has dated Beast Boy for a while but broke up soon after.
  • Dr. Light - One of the few villains who is able to befriend and join the Titans, but the guys trying to kill him changes his mind about being with them. Oh, and he's able to shoot light beams, too.
  • Jayna - Capable of transforming into any animal (but first she's gotta fist bump her brother Zan unfortunately), Jayna temporarily replaces Beast Boy because of his laziness.
  • George Washington - First President of the U.S.A, as well as the temporary leader of the Teen Titans. He can summon a liberty shield, monument bash, just normal president stuff.
  • Nibor - Temporarily takes over Robin's job as the team leader because he is the exact opposite of him (which says something about how much the Titans really appreciate Robin...).
  • Kid Flash - Can defeat villains in about 1.0057 seconds, attract the girls, and out-beat box anyone. The key components to get hated by Robin.
  • Red Raven- Robin chose her because of her aggressiveness.
  • Red Starfire- Robin chose her because of her aggressiveness.
  • Yellow Beast Boy- Human shield.
  • Green Cyborg- Robin chose him because he acted like a soldier and had great leadership qualities and skills.
  • Santa Claus -
  • Tooth Fairy -
  • Sticky Joe -

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