Teether is one of the many honorary Titans from the show Teen Titans and one of Raven's kids. He is the youngest of the Tyke Titans, a team that consists of himself, Timmy Tantrum and their leader, Melvin. His powers is chewing through materials and then spitting them out like missiles.

Teen Titans

Teether first appeared in the episode, Hide and Seek, in which he, Melvin and Timmy Tantrum had to be protected by Raven from Monsieur Mallah. Teether was a little tough for Raven to keep up with due to him being the youngest. Teether and his team mates, along with Bobby, managed to defeat Mallah and was given a communicator from Raven to get help when they needed it. Teether then appeared in the episode, Titans Together, along with his team mates and Bobby. He and his team mates, along with Bobby, faced Mallah once again. He is later seen helping the Titans recapture Dr. Light at the end of the episode.


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