To use this template, just copy and paste the following code:

{{Alter-Ego Infobox
| image =
| size = ???px
| fullname =
| alias =
| origin =
| occupation =
| skills =
| hobby =
| goals =
| type of alter-ego =

  • image: The image of the hero (no need to use tags)
  • size: no more than 300px (you can omit this field if you don't want to resize the pic)
  • fullname: The full name of the hero
  • alias: Any nickname or codename by which he is known
  • origin: From which media he is from (please put in italics)
  • occupation: The job of the hero
  • skills: Any power or special skill of the hero
  • hobby: Any hobby the hero may have
  • goals: What the hero seeks
  • type of alter-ego: The kind of hero he is
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