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Mighty Med/Lab Rats Heroes

Lab Rats
The Lab Rats | Leo Dooley | Adam Davenport | Bree Davenport | Chase Davenport/Spike | Daniel Davenport | Donald Davenport | Douglas Davenport | Tasha Davenport Terry Perry | Bionic Solders (Bob, Spin, Taylor, Kate, Thermo Hands, Logan, Charlie)

Mighty Med
Kaz | Oliver | Skylar Storm | Alan Diaz | Horace Diaz | Hapax the Elder | Tecton | Blue Tornado | Solar Flare II | Captain Atomic | Gamma Girl | Gray Granite | The Crusher | Titanio |

Elite Force
The Elite Force (Kaz, Oliver, Chase Davenport, Bree Davenport, and Skylar Storm) | Crossbow

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