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Do I look like I have talent to you? You've got a pretty rosy outlook on life if that's what you think. Then again, you've been hiding out here for hundreds of years so I guess you've got a pretty ignorant view of the world. This is a big country and it's teeming with incredible people. Some are a mystery... and a few have a natural way with the sword and become a Hashira in two months. So I'm chosen? Gimme a break. You have no clue how much I've lost over the years!
~ Tengen to Daki and Gyutaro
I am a god! You three are trash! That's the first thing you need to pound into your heads! Drive it in! You will turn into dogs if I tell you to! Turn into monkeys if I say so! Hunch over and rub your hands together, constantly pander to my every whim and suck up to me with every fiber of your being! And let me repeat: I am a GOD!
~ Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui (宇髄 天元) is a major protagonist in the 2016-2020 fantasy horror manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and its 2019 anime series adaptation. He serves as the deuteragonist of the Entertainment District Arc and the season 2 anime adaptation. Tengen is the Sound Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.

He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Japanese and Ray Chase in English.


Tengen is a very tall, broad-set young man with a heavy, muscular, lightly tanned skin frame. His hair is white and of uneven length, the longest waves touching his shoulders and is cut with three more prominent, shorter clumps, arching above his eyes on either side of his face to fall as bangs. He has very small maroon eyes that seem to slant inward, along with one long eyelash that falls to the far side of his nose. Tegen wears a sleeveless dark-turquoise traditional Demon Slayer Corps uniform when serving the Demon Slayer Corps along with a burgundy cloth around his calves where is hakama pants wrap in, and white strapped-sandals. He also wears two thick golden rings on his upper arms, and what appears to be a pair of fingerless blue gloves, protected with a band of white all over his middle finger and wrists with another set of golden thin rings, this time with two on either side.


Tengen is a very odd individual who still likes to flamboyantly complete his acts. While he has displayed an uncompromising and powerful attitude towards others, he is eager to think how flamboyant it would be if the blood vessels of Tanjiro Kamado burst, and he attemps to violently take Aoi Kanzaki off the Red Light District with him so she will help him on a dangerous mission unwillingly. He also has a loving side that is seen mostly only to his most treasured ones, especially his three wives, Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru. After their mission, he is also shows a somewhat nicer side to Tanjiro Kamado and started accepting him more as the series continues.


Powers and Abilities


  • Tengen was originally a shinobi before becoming a Demon Slayer Hashira as stated by Gyutaro.
  • Tengen and Inosuke Hashibira are the two Demon Slayers who used two Nichirin Swords instead of one.


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