Tenjin is a supporting character in the anime/manga series Noragami. He is the God of Academics, one of the richest and most popular gods in Japan and an acquaintance of Yato as well as the new master of Mayu.

He is voiced by Toru Okawa in the Japanese version of the anime and Sean Hennigan in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Maiza Avaro and Yoshimura.


Tenjin appears to be a middle-aged man around his late 50's to 70's, with grey hair, when down, that is shoulder length. He is normally seen wearing a black priest's outfit.


Being the God of Teaching, he has values for those who pray to him, have diligence, and work hard. He is very wise and often speaks in a poetic manner. However, he has a playful side, shown when he teases Yato with a 10,000¥ bill saying that he doesn't have any change, before throwing Yato a 5¥ coin; he can also be frivolous at times and may be prone to abandon a certain task, such as restraining Yato for abusing Hiyori's body via possession, if girls nearby compliment about his appearance.

Unlike other lenient gods, such as Yato or Bishamonten, Tenjin is quick to exile any of his Shinki should they sting him. Also, like many other gods, excluding some exceptions such as Ebisu, Tenjin find Nora to be repulsive and will not take them in as one of his Shinki unless, in Kugaha's case, he finds it vital in order to do so.

He also enjoys popularity as one of the most prominent Gods, at one point being shown to have rivalry with Okukinishi over who would get the most followers and being angered when he "only" got third place in the popularity poll for most popular God in chapter 58, losing to Inari and Ebisu.

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