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I will defeat you Stain because you are a criminal... and I am a hero!
~ Tenya's declaration before finishing Stain.
I'm a novice. I can't measure up to their standards! Be that as it may... I have to stand up! Never again! Never again will they... or my brother... leave me behind in the dust!
~ Tenya Ida about Izuku, Shoto and his brother in "Re-Ingenium".

Tenya Iida is a major protagonist in the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero, and the class president of Class 1-A. He's one of Izuku Midoriya's closest friends.

He is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by J. Michael Tatum in the English version of the anime.


Tenya was born into his family, the Idas (a line of heroes). Before attending U.A. High School, he previously went to Soumei Junior High School, a prestigious, private school.


Tenya Ida first appears at the U.A. Highschool Entrance Exams. In the auditorium before the practical portion, Tenya questions Present Mic about the four villains listed during the explanation. After Present Mic answers his question, Tenya yells at another participant, Izuku Midoriya, for muttering too much as he is being a distraction. Tenya later confronts Izuku just before the practical portion begins. He notices Izuku trying to talk to a female participant, Ochaco Uraraka, but stops him from ruining her concentration with him, drawing more bad attention to Izuku.

Once the Entrance Exams start, Tenya manages to do very well, scoring 45 points well into the exam by using his "Engine" quirk. When the giant robot worth zero points shows up, Tenya flees the area despite noticing that Izuku was on the ground paralyzed with fear. He is soon shocked to see Izuku spring into action, where he saves Ochaco from the zero pointer with one devastating blow.

Tenya is the only one among the viewing participants to notice that Izuku saved Ochaco. This leads Tenya to question the nature of the exam, and ponders whether heroic acts had a part in the exam all along. He says to himself that he would have done the same if he hadn't been on the exam and that maybe it's part of the test.


Tenya seems stern and even intimidating at first glance. He is a simple, intelligent, disciplined person. Due to his generally quite hyperactive and intense behavior, he often has particular tics, such as moving his arms in a specific way or suddenly contracting his body. However, he rarely deviates from his usual severe expression. Tenya has a tendency to take everything very seriously and often jumps at conclusions.

He is fully dedicated to his studies and loves learning new things. As a delegate of his class, he is also obsessed with organization and discipline, expecting his classmates to be as rigorous as he is. He also considers himself personally responsible for their safety and considers it his duty to protect them from dangerous situations. He also knows how to react quickly when something unexpected happens.

He holds a great deal of love and respect for his older brother, striving to be a hero just like him. Because of this, his character takes a darker turn when Ingenium is attacked and crippled by the Hero Killer: Stain. During this time period, his mind focuses only on getting revenge and eliminating Stain for his crimes, unable to think of anything else. After the Hero Killer confronts him with this truth and after some words of inspiration from Izuku and Shoto, Tenya eventually sees why he was wrong and subsequently abandons his desire for vengeance. While he still hates Stain for what he did to his older brother, Tenya nevertheless takes his words to heart and vows to become worthy of the title hero.

Tenya is also very committed to following the rules and sticking to protocol. When Katsuki was kidnapped by villains, Tenya firmly stated that they couldn't go after their friend because they weren't allowed to use their quirks for hero work, though he eventually relents and goes with his friends to ensure they don't engage in physical combat with the villains when going to rescue Katsuki. However, as time passes, he eventually learns how to become more relaxed and less stiff with the rules.

This is most notable during the Paranormal Liberation War, when Tenya decides to go join Izuku and Shoto, who're fighting Tomura Shigaraki, despite the fact that doing this would be violating orders, because he suspected they were in trouble and wanted to help them.


Tenya's main power is "Engine," which is his Quirk. It takes the form of engine-like tubes on his calves, giving him incredible speed and kicking strength.



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