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The value of moving slowly, is that one can always clearly see the way ahead.
~ To Ahsoka Tano

Tera Sinube was a Cosian Jedi Master of the Jedi High Council, appearing in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He was a very wise and patient old man, who uncharacteristically possessed expertise in the criminal workings of Coruscant's criminal underworld. He helped the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano retrieve her lost lightsaber from criminals.


His decades of research on the criminal underworld of Coruscant was put to use when Ahsoka Tano requested his assistance, after the librarian Jocasta Nu told her that he would be able to help her. After identifying the possible suspect, Sinube became concerned with Ahsoka's impatience, and decided that he would join her, embarking on his first assignment in years. He was a detective who used the Force to guide him.

They began their search at a noodle shop, where a Quarren claimed to not have the lightsaber, but knew where they could get it. Their quest took them to the Spider Arms Hostel, and they entered in search of Bannamu, the suspect based on Ahsoka's description. Ahsoka had been aggressive, impatient, and impulsive, while Sinube instead told her that she must not get too aggressive, and to be patient.

Bannamu told them she had given the lightsaber to another Trandoshan criminal, by the name Nack Movers. Sinube and Ahsoka noticed that somebody had forced their way into his residence, and saw that Movers was dead. An alien woman named Ione Marcy appeared, telling them that she had been hiding from the criminals and was distraught. While Ahsoka remained skeptical, Sinube could simply use the Force to read her emotions. He noticed something else was troubling her rather than the crime scene, and eventually discovered that she was a bounty hunter, and she had a partner: Cassie Cryar. Cassie leaped out of the bedroom window and Ahsoka chased after her.

What Marcy was really troubled about was the fear that the two Jedi would find her partner. Unknown to her, Sinube placed a tracking device on her while he was feigningly comforting her earlier. Now that Sinube's suspicions were proven correct, Marcy became frustrated and fled in an airspeeder. Sinube followed her airspeeder rather than chasing her, while Ahsoka was impatiently chasing Cassie. Ahsoka would end up being outlasted, and when Sinube arrived and picked her up, she was annoyed at how slow he was driving. Sinube reasoned that it would be better to intercept them rather than chase them.

With help of the tracking device, they found the two of them, and Marcy was arrested. For the second time, Ahsoka ended up chasing Cassie Cryar tenaciously, and to her disappointment, it ended up in a hostage situation. When Ahsoka couldn't do any more, Sinube appeared from the door right next to her which she was about to exit. He easily overpowered the bounty hunter in lightsaber combat, and disarmed her. Now that Ahsoka had her lightsaber back, she learned an important lesson about patience, and Sinube tells her to pass on what she has learned.


  • Rather than a lightsaber, Sinube possesses a Sabercane. His lightsaber looks like a cane, but can detach and become a lightsaber.
  • His design was based on an abandoned concept art for an alien species to be used in The Phantom Menace movie.
  • A genetically engineered Cosian appears on Jakku, Rey's home world, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is where you get to see a live-action version of Sinube's species for the first (and only) time.
  • Tera's lightsaber in the background appears white

    His blue lightsaber appears to be white, which is why some fans either believe or joke that Ahsoka Tano is not the only Jedi in Star Wars Canon to have a white lightsaber.
    • Dave Filoni, supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, responds that it is just "a very light blue".


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