Power and techniques alone are not everything when it comes to strength
~ Teresa to Clare

Teresa is one of the main protagonists of the manga/anime series Claymore. She is the 182nd warrior of the 77th generation in the Organization, formerly ranked as No.1. She is among the eight No.1 warriors capable of surpassing the original Abyssal Ones, considered even to be the strongest ever created. She was also Clare's adoptive mother, and the reason she became a Warrior.

She is voiced by Romi Park in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Christine Auten in the English version of the anime.


She was nicknamed "Teresa of the Faint Smile" (微笑のテレサ, Bishō no Teresa, lit. "Smiling Teresa") because she never disclosed specialized or extraordinary techniques from wich is a Nickname often derive, it is also based on the fact that she never used her massiv yoki-reserve but destroyed though every manner of enemie she faces with ease, in wich especially her smile stood out.


Teresa was a very tall woman (180 cm) with long, wavy, pale blonde hair parted down the middle, which she wore loose. She had silver eyes like all other Claymores, and wore the standard uniform. In a dream, Teresa remembered her once-black hair, which she had considered to be her best feature, and black eyes. She lost both as a side effect of the Claymore mutation.

Teresa was also considered to be beautiful, several of the bandits who attacked her and Clare in the forest commented lewdly that she was very attractive.


As a trainee, Teresa didn't want to be a Claymore and would constantly attempt to escape. She was known as a "problem child."

Before Teresa met Clare, she was a merciless, solitary killer who would accept any assignment without complaint. She seemed to enjoy intimidating the townsfolk and made it sound as if the Organization was responsible for sending Yoma to the towns that failed to pay the required fees. When Teresa met Clare, she obstinately tried to prevent the little girl from following her around and even physically hit and kicked her away, saying that she killed the Yoma because it's her job and nothing else (ironically, Clare herself would later say the same thing to Raki). She always had a faint smile on her face, hence her title "Teresa of the Faint Smile."

However, despite her initial violent nature, she does possess a kind and caring side. When it was made clear that Clare would not give up following her, however, she opened up her heart, and her formerly cold personality changed as she became very attached to the young girl. They grew a bond like a motherly, daughter bond and lived together from then onwards until Teresa's death by Priscilla.

In Irene's opinion, being with Clare had softened Teresa's toughness as a warrior and eventually led to her death when she chose to spare the lives of her executioners. However, Irene theorized that Teresa had found true happiness in her last days because of Clare and would not have changed her actions if she were to relive her life. This conclusion was indeed proven to be true as confessed by Teresa after her revival from within Clare. As such, she thanked God, if He ever existed, for having met Clare.

Prowess and Rating

Warrior Physiology

As Warrior her physical prowess is in every term above humans, include a higher regeneration, resistence to extreme tempreatures and immunity to various toxins. Her unique constitution enables her to manage longer time without food or water.

  • Prodigious Development: Teresa's demonstrates high advanced prowess in all combat capabilities, beyond usual number 1 standards, enabling her to fight with greater power, even without Yoma power release.

Sensing Prowess

  • Prowess: Class S, Extraordinary prowess.
    • Preemptive Sensing: Preemptive Sensing enabling Detailed Yoki Detection. After Teresa's Death Clare inherited a weaker version of Teresa's Preemptive Sensing by taking in her flesh. In fact Clare can't use Detailed Yoki Detection, Clare can locate the Yoki flow only by an hugh release of Yoma power, her reduced version of this ability is less effectiv against warriors and yomas. Detailed Yoki Detection is an advanced skill level which requires a very high performance basis in all areas.
    • Detailed Yoki Detection: Teresa developed an extraordinarily detailed Yoki-sensing technique. She can detect the most minute changes in the Yoki flow of both Yoma and warriors alike, accurately predicting their every move. This skill allows Teresa to judge the strength, speed and direction of an attack before her enemies can act. As a trainee, Teresa was also able to track down Rafaela, who had completely erased her aura after the incident with Luciela, in the woods. Irene concludes that Teresa's adeptness in this area was the main reason why she was the top warrior of her generation.

Physical Prowess

  • Prowess: Class A, High prowess
    • Versatility: Teresa developed high natural ability in many areas, the basis for the competent possible use of various techniques in a wide variety of combat situations.That made her all-around skilled, enables her to adapt, in order to counteract high powerful techniques and break superior circumstances.
    • Advanced Standard: Unlike other warriors, Teresa favored the generic standard sword technique based on the three basic sword strokes and the standard defensive. Versatility enhanced the skill of this ordinary technique, enabled her to overwhelm high powerful specialized techniques. Further, technique when -specialized- cannot adapt to change as readily as non-specialized versatility-based generic techniques.


Teresa easily brushed aside the suppression squad, as if demonstrating what it truly meant to have the strongest abilities
~ Yoma War Record I

The Quote refers to the underestimated skill with ordinary sword technique alone (Counter to Irene's A+ Swift-Sword) and physical ability (Counter to Noel's A+ Agility and Sophia's A+ Strength), Teresa was stronger than Irene and the Organization expected.

Previously it was assumed that Teresa had only developed the strongest ability in the area Sensing (S) but not in all combat relevant areas. Noel's suspicion before the four began to fight Teresa, becames an unexpected reality. After the fight Irene noted, Teresa was underestimated even then.

Yoki Prowess

  • Prowess: Class S, Extraordinary prowess
    • Special Class Yoki: Her Yoki growth is unrivaled and enabled the highest Yoma power release, Anime/Manga has shown. Her excellent physical prowess enhanced considerably. High Yoki baseline favored high sensing and physical baseline.
    • Eminent Yoki Growth Rate: Her physical prowess at 10%-Yoma power release is far beyond average Awakened beings. The strength and speed level is powerful enough to overwhelm Priscilla near-awakened (70-75%), with ease. The awakened Rosemary (a former number 1) was also overwhelmed, in an instant. Her speed level by release allows ordinary movements correspond to a better version of Miria's Phantom Mirage. Different from Miria, her fundamental force alone is enough to reach this level of speed, she is not forced to release larger bursts of Yoma power, and not limited in its application.

It is unknown wether the organization was aware of what Teresa was capable of at 10% Yoma power release, since according to the Evaulation she never used her Yoma power.

Rating/Yoma war Record I

Teresa's organization Rating

  • Yoki: S (Special Class)
  • Agility: A
  • Strength: A
  • Spirit: A
  • Sensing: S
  • Leadership: B

(Highest baseline warrior on Yoma war records)


Class: Offensive, Preemptive (Yoki) Sensing, Almighty (Versatility)


The organization notes Teresa's simultaneous ability to fight without using Yoma power, yet able to sense it. Weaker warrior's like Clare can't fight and use sensing abilities simultaneous.

According to the evaulation, her abilities make her the most powerful even among all successive generations of warriors.

Other Abilities

  • Mimicry: High technical understanding and Versatility enables the competent use of before unknown techniques shortly after the first observation.
  • Awakening: Like all warriors, Teresa has the ability to awaken. In awakened form, she is able to fly and fight in the air. This form also enables the expansion of the muscle fibers, all limbs can be used extreme flexible, the limbs can stretch and shapeshift at high speed. Special class Yoki enables high power of her own class, far beyond Abyssal One-level.



  • In Extra Scene 1 it is shown Teresa was hiding her true abilities. Hence the organization's rating is unlikely to reflect Teresa's real Baseline/Abilities.
  • Teresa is the strongest warrior ever created and is also regarded as the most powerful character in the series.
  • Contrary to the assessment of the organization, it is unknown if Teresa ever uses her sensing ability/technique during the fight against the suppression squad. Teresa does not need to use it according to Irene. Irene underestimated Teresa's physical abilities and pure skill with ordinary sword technique alone. In the end of the fight Noel's suspicion is confirmed, "But she excel in all these things"- Noel to Irene
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