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Terra (real name Tara Markov) is a fictional character, and a comic book antiheroine appearing in publications by DC Comics.


he king of Markovia had one affair which resulted in him having an illegitimate daughter named Tara Markov (who is later named Terra). The king decided that it would be best to send her to the United States of America to prevent his public image from being ruined.

Because of Tara's heritage she inherited earth moving powers similar to the ones of Geo-Force, who was her brother, and with the help of a doctor named Helga Jace, Terra gained control. How much the doctor helped Terra in gaining control hasn't been explained, neither which was the process to do it, the doctor only implied that Terra got her powers by meddling.

Soon after gaining control over her powers Tara Markov (Terra) decided to leave Markovia with a lot of hate and anger towards her father because of the fact that she was an illegitimate daughter. When Tara was fifteen years old she decided to use her powers to do illegitimate work for people.


Tara's criminal life lead her to accept a contract that had been declined by Deathstroke himself and which implied killing an African king. Tara decided to come close to the king and his family, one day betraying them and killing the king like the contract wanted. During this mission Tara met and had an affair with Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). He invited her to become his partner on a vendetta against the New Teen Titans because Slade blamed them for the death of his son. Tara Markov accepted the offer and took the codename Terra, at the same time she and Deathstroke invented a story that involved Tara being a prisoner of terrorists.

Changeling (Beast Boy) decided to offer Terra membership in the New Teen Titans after he saw her trying to destroy the Statue of Liberty. It was soon after her joining that Changeling (Beast Boy) started to have romantic feelings toward her, it was also during her time in the New Teen Titans that she was reunited with her cousin Geo-Force when both the "New Teen Titans" and the "Batman and the Outsiders" confronted the Fearsome Five together.

During the time that Terra was a Teen Titan she worked as a spy for Deathstroke, collecting information for him to find out the identities of the members of the team and use it as a way to capture them and take them to the H.I.V.E who were the ones that hired Deathstroke.

After everyone in the team revealed their identities to Terra both Kid Flash (Wally West) and Robin (Dick Grayson) left the team for different reasons, having lost two of their members (Robin being the leader), Donna Troy became the new leader of the team until Dick Grayson decided to come back after figuring out what he would do with his life. Dick Grayson was attacked a few days later by Deathstroke in an attempt to capture him. The strange part of the attack was that Deathstroke didn't attack him as Robin, but as a civilian. After the confrontation Dick manages to escape Deathstroke by losing him in the city and goes to see if his teammates are okay. After Dick notices that every single one of the New Teen Titans has been captured he meets Adeline Kane and her son Joseph Wilson (Jericho) who tells him that Terra has been working with Deathstroke, and it was because of that that Deathstroke had learned their identities and was able to attack them at their homes. Dick Grayson (Having taken the identity of Nightwing), now with the help of Jericho went to rescue the New Teen Titans from the H.I.V.E and Deathstroke. During the fight Jericho took control over the body of his father and used it to fight Terra, during the fight she lost control over her powers and caused the building to fall over on her, killing her.

Powers & Abilities

Terra has the ability of geokinesis, exhibiting psychokinetic control over the earth and minerals. While she can control massive amounts of earth and rock, shaping it to her will, she has also revealed an incredible amount of fine control, making artistic shapes, or even transmuting raw materials into different crystalline forms. Her primary forms of mobility include flying on a rock platform or extremely quick tunneling.

Atlee has also been revealed to have a degree of superhuman toughness, surviving even after being battered by rocky shards and being immersed in lava. She has shown to have very rapid regenerative powers, with moderate to severe burns disappearing in a matter of hours, leaving no visible scars. She later revealed that earth in all its forms does little or no harm to her. She stated this after she allowed herself to be caught between the North American continental bedrock while she lowered the entire island of Manhattan on top of her. Her degree of geomorphic control is shown to be greater and more refined than what the original Terra has been shown capable of, moving volumes of many many square miles of earth at one time.

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