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Beep boop beep!
~ Terrako

Terrako, also known as the Diminutive Guardian, is the supporting character who debuted in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, serving a role of a traveling companion to Link, Princess Zelda, and the Champions. It came from the future of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to prevent the tragedies in the Great Calamity from ever occurring. It was Princess Zelda's creation whom she often played with and plays her Lullaby to help her sleep as a child and to comfort her when she was in emotional distress.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Terrako's history started with Princess Zelda adding finishing touches to it and it comes to life. Pleased, the young princess showed it to her mother. After the Queen of Hyrule's passing before Zelda could properly begin her training in unlocking her sealing power, it plays her favorite lullaby to comfort her. Eventually, her father King Rhoam confiscated Terrako, viewing it as a distraction from her duty, against his daughter's horrified objections.

When Princess Zelda finally unlocks her sealing power to shut down the corrupted Guardians to protect Link during their futile struggle to protect Fort Hateno from falling to Calamity Ganon after Link has already sustained mortal wounds and the fort is on the verge of collapse, leaving the Hyrulean Army all but destroyed, it activated Terrako in her studies back in the castle and the crate containing it falls over. Analyzing the events and hearing Zelda's desperate, and heartbroken, words, "I must... protect... everyone!", knowing what it must do now, it wastes no time creating a time portal out the window, but a Malice-possessed Guardian Stalker finds Terrako doing so and attempted to destroy it, but it narrowly managed to dodge the strike as it hopped into the portal to travel back in time to change the course of history for the better, unaware that Ganon, realizing the threat Terrako posed if it altered the past in Zelda and Hyrule's favor, had the Guardian Stalker bleed off some Malice to follow Terrako through the portal in an attempt to ensure the future dominated by Ganon still happened and Link awoke a century later to find Ganon ready to break out of his seal at any moment as Zelda's powers to suppress him began to wane.

Terrako arrived in the past, but was rendered inactive until Link comes across the little Guardian during a battle against a horde of monsters as a member of King Rhoam's army sent to defend Hyrule Field from them. The Hylian witnessed Impa getting attacked by Bokoblins and she tossed a Sheikah Slate to him. The Slate's presence caused Terrako to reactivate, and much to their surprise, when it causes the Sheikah Towers across Hyrule to rise. It reunites with Princess Zelda, but she doesn't seem to recall meeting it; she does notice that it reacts to the Sheikah Slate. Her father also didn't recognize the little Guardian when it was presented to him and permits Zelda and company to let Terrako join them nonetheless, when he was convinced that it could be helpful to them, while reminding his daughter that she still has to do her training to awaken her power for the upcoming return of Calamity Ganon. They take the Guardian to Robbie and Purah, who do their research on it and reveal that it amplifies the power of ancient technology and extract a part of its memory where it is revealed to them the vast destruction of the Great Calamity to come when they see the images of Hyrule Castle and Castle Town ravaged by the corrupted Guardians, which disturbed those present.

Terrako journeys with Link, Princess Zelda, and Impa to recruit potential Champions who can pilot the four Divine Beasts, them being Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa; the third person and his tribe mistook Terrako for the Guardian that attacked Rito Village, but the misunderstanding was cleared thanks to Zelda's intervention that stopped Link and Revali from killing each other. Terrako proved to be a valuable ally for the Champions. When Castle Town is attacked by the Yiga Clan, Princess Zelda came close to being slain by Sooga, but Terrako was about to sacrifice itself by jumping in front of her to take Sooga's kunai, but Link arrives and uses his shield to save both of them, which the little Guardian wasn't pleased about, scolding Link for stealing its thunder.

During Zelda's moments of sadness that Link was stronger than her for being chosen by the Master Sword that they found in Korok Forest, it plays Zelda's Lullaby, which caused the princess to somewhat remember that it had been a part of her life as a kid. After Link, Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa become official Champions, they stick around outside the castle. Terrako begins pestering Impa, causing her to chase it to the point where they were running around Revali, driving the Rito warrior crazy and he flew away, voicing in disgust "How asinine". The king soon learns that the Great Calamity would take place on his daughter's next birthday and realized that time was running short and Zelda still hasn't awakened her power. He issues evacuation orders to protect the civilians and redeploys troops to Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno to reinforce the garrisons. If those strongholds fall, Ganon is sure to win.

Later, Purah and Robbie were doing further research on Terrako, when their researchers suddenly take them hostage, and revealed to be Yiga Footsoldiers, having gone incognito to infiltrate the Science Academy to capture Robbie, Purah, and all their Sheikah researchers. Robbie can only voice his embarrassment at having not checked their new hires more thoroughly to weed out the Yiga spies sooner. Purah tosses the Sheikah Slate and tells Terrako to get away. At the same time it was Princess Zelda's seventeenth birthday, the age where she could scale Mount Lanayru to continue her training. Link, Impa, and the princess were about to depart from Hyrule Castle, when they see Terrako skittering along the path frantically towards them with the Sheikah Slate in tow. It was at that time that Calamity Ganon had awakened as the seal ruptures and the being of evil and Malice incarnate engulfs Hyrule Castle, and they return to the castle to save the king.

They soon were about to be attacked by the possessed Guardians when King Rhoam intervened and urged the four to leave immediately and had to deal with the Guardians with only his men and was presumed to have been killed. Upon learning that Ganon had taken control of the Divine Beasts as well in the future Terrako came from, Princess Zelda was driven to despair over her power not arriving in time. Terrako plays her lullaby to try and comfort her, but Zelda seems unable to contain her grief and frustration at how Hyrule will fall and its all her fault. At least until Zelda's tears hit Terrako's core, causing it to glow and the energy splits into four time portals which summoned the older Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju with Patricia to save the Champions from their impending doom at the hands of the Blight Ganons, startling Zelda out of her mourning, leaving her shocked and confused. Impa learns that not all hope is lost, since each of the Divine Beasts, despite the Malice infesting them, still retain the blue glow in their circuitry, meaning the Champions are holding on, and they depart to help the Champions and the future warriors fight off the Blights. The intervention of the future heroes provided Link and friends a lot of time to save the Champions' lives and allowing them to retain control over their Divine Beasts. Without the Divine Beasts to cause chaos across Hyrule and keep the various races divided, Ganon begins to lose the offensive with conquering the kingdom.

After that, they head to Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno to fend off a horde of monsters and Guardians that attacked them. During the battle at Fort Hateno, Astor, the Prophet of Doom, had revived the Blight Ganons with the use of the souls that he reaped from the Yiga Footsoldiers. Link is left to deal with them alone, but Zelda couldn't bear to lose Link and runs back, finally awakening her long dormant power, much to Astor's horror. After successfully defending the two areas, the princess rallies the soldiers to not give in to despair and to fight for Hyrule. It was then that a reformed Master Kohga and the surviving Yiga Clan soldiers allied with them and head to the Great Plateau to fight off the monsters that were there. Princess Zelda is soon overjoyed to see that her father had survived, thanks to a device that he used to deflect the Guardian's attacks, and they reconciled. King Rhoam then proceeds to rally the army to take back Hyrule Castle and defeat Calamity Ganon once and for all.

The Champions return to their Divine Beasts to handle an army of Guardian Stalkers, while Link and all the tribes, including the Yiga Clan, unite against Calamity Ganon with Princess Zelda leading the army. When the Champions open fire at Hyrule Castle to do serious damage on Ganon, the Blood Moon rises, which strengthens Ganon as his power waxes to its zenith, and caused all the fallen monsters to return to flesh, forcing Link and the other warriors to take out the large monsters that uphold the barrier that kept them out repeatedly. Upon infiltration of Hyrule Castle, Zelda learns that Harbinger Ganon, a corrupted form of Terrako who was responsible for attacking Rito Village, the act which indirectly framed Terrako for, which caused Revali and his warriors to become paranoid earlier and attack Link and his friends upon seeing Terrako traveling with them, stands with Astor. Harbinger Ganon was also that timeline's Terrako possessed by the Malice that had followed the future Terrako into the past.

Astor orders Harbinger Ganon to kill Link and all of his companions, but is quickly consumed by the Malice from Harbinger Ganon as Ganon was fed up with Astor's repeated failures and decided he had outlived his usefulness. The process caused some of the Malice to latch onto Terrako, possessing it and made it attack its friends, leaving Link and the princess to fight it and it was soon severely damaged. Princess Zelda and everyone involved mourn for Terrako and it awakens a bit to play Zelda's Lullaby for her and soon remembers its name and how it had played a significant role in her life. She then turns attention to Calamity Ganon and vows to ensure the villain's fall and avenge the little Guardian.

They battle the beast at the Sanctum, but they were unable to even hurt it. Princess Zelda used her power to hold it off, declaring she will protect everyone, the very same words that she had spoken in the Breath of the Wild timeline when there was no one left to protect but a critically-injured Link. This power helps Terrako, despite its condition, to get up and rush up the stairs, and jumps between them, self-destructing in the process in a final attempt to prevent Calamity Ganon from winning. This helped to bring down Ganon's invincibility and after a long and grueling battle, Link is able to slash it with the Master Sword and Princess Zelda is finally able to seal Calamity Ganon, restoring peace to Hyrule. Prince Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju say their farewells to the Champions as they are returned to the future. They look on happily as they see the future looking bright.

Link and all of his friends travel across Hyrule, battling monsters and collecting fifty of Terrako's components, which they eventually were able use to reassemble Terrako, who returns to life, much to the joy of Link, the four Champions, and especially Princess Zelda, with whom they are reunited. This unlocks Terrako as a playable fighter.



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