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The days of military oppression, forced labor, and unlawful conscription are coming to an end. I have already begun establishing new regulations and limitations for the senate to weed out corruption and ensure that it stands as a clear and unwavering voice of the people. Our military will be re-purposed to protect the people instead of proscribing them.This new order of rule, this new Dominion, shall be maintained by liberty and justice to the citizens of mankind, those courageous pioneers who have fought through horrors unimaginable to become stewards of this distant end of the universe. Never again will fear, greed, or alien threats force us from our rightful place in the Koprulu sector, or from the sacred human desire for freedom.
~ Valerian Mengsk

Terran Dominion, commonly known as the Dominion or Dominion of Man, is the Terran government and served as the hero faction starting the expansion pack for StarCraft II title Legacy of the Void. Although this faction was originally led by the ruthless Arcturus Mengsk, the fallen emperor of Dominion, it is now ruled by Prince Valerian as the replacement of his father following the disgraceful death at the end of Heart of the Swarm. The celebration of the Dominion government is Dominion Day.


After the death of ruthless oppressor, Arcturus Mengsk, Valerian has assumed the throne. He sets out to rebuild the redemption of Dominion and pledged to abolish the old laws that have existed under his father's reign of oppression. Most of his time was trying to reign over a government that had fallen into chaos like the aggressive strategies against Raynor and his rebellious friends. Valerian developed a new system of social justice. During the end war, the Dominion had to defend themselves against Moebius corps where they stole the Keystone to prevent the Protoss from retrieving it. Later Dominion forces under Raynor's command assaulted the Void where they were able to kill Amon thus ending his threat to the universe. Later during a war with the Defenders of man the Dominion sent Nova to destroy them all for unleashing the Zerg on a couple of planets.

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