Terry Fitzgerald

Terry Fitzgerald is a supporting character in the Spawn franchise. He is Al Simmons's best friend and the second husband of Wanda Blake.


Terry Fitzgerald is Spawn's best friend and husband to his ex-wife, Wanda Fitzgerald. Together they had Cyan Fitzgerald and Terry would do anything to protect his family. Terry is ex-military kept his nose clean, and shirts pressed. He followed rules and was a model citizen.

Upon returning to Earth, Spawn traced his steps to his old life he left five years prior. He saw how Terry was able to provide the life to Wanda he never could and became jealous of Terry. Spawn attempted to leave Terry and Wanda alone but accidentally brought them into his life when he broke into a warehouse to steal weapons

As Terry and Al Simmons were the only people to have had access to the warehouse and Al was considered dead, Terry came under suspicion by Security Director Jason Wynn.

To add to Terry's problems,Mafia leader Gravo's rage for retribution soon became pressing. Several of his men had been murdered and he blamed Terry for them.

When Wynn received pressure from his higher ups on the stolen merchandise, rather than admit his mistakes, he used Terry as a scapegoat and sent his men to monitor his activities. At the same time, the mafia had sent several men to lure Terry to a location to meet with their enforcer Overtkill.

When the Mafia and CIA spotted each other outside Terry's home in Queens,Ney Wrok, a shootout occurred. The two CIA agents were killed furthering Wynn's case to make Terry look like he's a criminal. The Mafia members told Terry to meet them in an alley or else they would kill his wife.

In other Media.

Terry appears in the Spawn animated series and in the Spawn movie. As well as a few video games.

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