-Testificate Man's catchphrase.

Testificate Man is the main protagonist of Element Animation's "Testificate Man:The Movie" animation.He is a superhero villager (or testificate,as his name suggests).


Like most of the villagers,Testificate Man is not very smart.That's why he is usually chosen when no other heroes are available or to do some generic stuff (like saving a cat).Despite this,he is always ready to help and will face any danger coming up.


Testificate Man was laughed at for his stupidity,weakness and being "slightly less than average" since his youth when his future arch-nemesis,Dr.Inconsiderate,knocked him off his bicycle.This,however,didn't stop him from becoming a heroic defender of the innocence.

One of his missions was to stop an UFO from attacking the village.However,he failed and was abducted by the UFO.

Later he was called to stop Dr Inconsiderate from bumping into citizens on his segway.Testificate Man placed a tracking device on the doctor which led him to his secret lair.Testificate Man confronted Dr.Inconsiderate and was nearly killed during the fight,but eventually disabled the doctor's device by throwing his badge into it and left.Finally arriving at home,he has to fight yet another villain,Jeff the Evil Roomba...

Testificate Man reappears as the main protagonist of the "Testificate Man And The Quest To Become More Interesting" book.

He also appears in two episode of Villager News, "THE GIANT PROBLEM" and "WAR!", but has much smaller roles and isn't the one who saves the day.


  • He is a parody of Batman,with his appearance and name similar to his.
    • Unlike Batman,however,he is not edgy and serious all the time (at one point he was too busy making his announcement while a kid asked him to save his house that was on fire),though he always fights for good.
    • He is also less tragic than Batman. For example,his parents weren't killed,they just live in another village.
  • His real identity is possibly Villager #182,who rated "Testificate Man:The Movie" ⭐⭐⭐ and commented on it: "Testificate Man looks like Villager #182".
    • He may also be the Villager General,as hinted in "WAR!"
  • It's unknown when exactly and why Testificate Man became a superhero.
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