Tethu (as male) or Tethi (as female) is the main protagonist in the Ever Oasis video game.



Tethu was first seen helping his brother in his Oasis until a Black Dragon came and destroyed it. He was then sent to a small pond where he met up with Esna and a Sarab, where the two created an Oasis due to their powers. Both Tethu and Esna later saw that they had their first visitor and so went to help her set up shop. He later went outside of his Oasis so that he could meet more Seedlings, only to head to the entrance to the Drauk village and made an ally known as Miura after helping her in her training and returned to the Oasis, only for Miura to appear as well. Tethu, a Seedling known as Roto and Miura then went to a temple where they found another Seedling known as Sheut and later destroyed a peace of Chaos that was controlling Roto's old master, now as a statue, only to later head back to the Oasis again with a red gemstone. He was doing his chief duties until he heard about an intruder in the Oasis, only to discover that the intruder was a Legora named Sol, who was trying to steal water for his village and disappeared. Tethu later asked his first Oasis visitor to create a drink for the Legora village and so went to go there to give them the drink. Tethu than went to the Legora Village to give them a drink and met someone known as Isa. Tethu later went with Sol and Isa to a forgotten underground jungle until the three saw Aronbesh, a Chaos Lagora trying to feed a Chaos plant. This leads to the three to fight and defeat it as well as seeing Shuet again, leading to Tethu noticing that Shuet looks a lot like his brother Nour, only to find out that Chaos was controlling him. Tethu later went to set a gemstone and went back to the Oasis with Isa and Sol. Tethu went to see Esna after hearing her scream and saw Shuet once again, only to steal the powers of the three gemstones and used it to create a dark gemstone and later left. This leads to both Tethu and Esna to head off to restore the power to the three gemstones, with Tethu entering an old temple and fought against Aronbesh, Saluru and Miura's sister known as Seipha, only after they restored the powers back to the gemstones, Tethu and any party he brought went back to the Oasis and tried to head to the pillar where he and possibly two others went to fight against Seipha once more, only to later head inside the Pillar and met Thoth the Wise, who told both Tethu and Esna about the first Oasis and how the Chaos went to spread as well as to infuse the three gemstones to stop Shuet's plans. A bit afterward, Tethu went to help the Villagers with their problems than went with two others to fight against Aronbesh and Saluru once again. Tethu went to fight against Shuet than his real form the Black Dragon, only to later see Esna sacrifice herself to heal the Chaos. The ghost of Nour later appeared to congratulate Tethu on his quest, seeing the world restored.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

Tethu is one of the Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light, where he possessed a Young Link and after he was defeated he would help the player in gathering the other Spirits.

Powers and Abilities

Combat: Tethu had the ability to fight with a sword, a wizard's wand and a boomerang. He also has the ability to inspire the rest of his team.

Aerokinesis: Tethu has shown to have Aerokinesis, where he can create a small tornado, it grew larger in size after finding three gems.

SSBUWoL Spirit: Tethu, as a Smash Bros. spirit can help the fighters in their battles.


  • Tethu has shown similarities with Emmett Graves, as they share a similar story.


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