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Hero Overview

You know, in the old days we depended on ingenuity rather than feats, the strength stat used a forward slash as a decimal point...and there were no such thing as Drow. I Miss the old days.
~ Thaco to Seth Bainwraith

Thaco is one of the main characters of the D&D inspired dark fantasy webcomic series, Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes. He is a Goblin elder of the Cryptic Fall Clan as well as one of the oldest and strongest warriors within the clan, the father of Complains of Names and a Monk Class Adventurer of Goblin Adventuring Party and later its defacto leader after the death of Chief.

Thaco and the rest of the GAP party are currently fighting to save their dimension from the unleashed hell demon, The Sacred that was imprisoned in the Axe of Prissan.



Blindly throwing yourself into the fires of hell won't stop others from burning.
~ Thaco to Big Ears


Early Life

Before the events of the main story, Thaco was was captured in his youth by Delly Goblinslayer and Saral Caine, a pair of sadistic adventurers. During these period Thaco would received his signature scars and lose left ear from Golbinsalyer's daily torture sessions and at some point he would eventually escape captivity and return home.


Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

Miscellaneous Abilities


  • Protects Books (mate/wife)
  • Complains of Names (son/comrade)
  • Chief (leader/comrade)
  • Big Ears (close friend/comrade)
  • Senor Vorpal Kickass'o (close friend/comrade)
  • Minmax (reluctant ally)


  • Thaco's age is reflected in his name which is a reference to THAC0 (To Hit Armour Class Zero), a statistic in AD&D2.


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