The avatar
What's a paladin?
~ The Avatar

The Avatar is the name used to refer to the protagonist (the player) of the Ultima games after Ultima IV.

In Ultima IV, the Stranger completes a series of quests and becomes the Avatar: the embodiment of the Eight Virtues and a true hero of Britannia. The concept of the Avatar is to go against the darkness in one's nature and eternally strive for Virtue, highlighted by the phrase "The Quest of the Avatar is Forever." The Avatar is meant to be an example for everyone in Britannia of what could be accomplished if one but tried. This hero was never perfect, was never infallible, was only ever human, capable of both good and evil acts.

From Ultima IV to Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar could be male or female, under any name the player wished. Portraitswere available from Ultima VI to Ultima VII Part Two, though Ultima VII and Martian Dreams only offered one possible choice for each sex.

In Savage EmpireUltima VIII and Ultima IX these options were removed, and though the Avatar could still be named, he was always a blond white male.

In Ultima IX the Avatar is called to Britannia once again to re-establish the Virtues. He must do this by himself because his old companions have been corrupted. The Guardian is responsible for the corruption of the Shrines and the creation of the columns. The Avatar must adventure alone into the dungeons of Britannia to bring about the final defeat of the Guardian.

At the end of Ultima IX, Lord British suggests that the Quest of the Avatar had not been entirely successful, because while he had originally envisioned the Avatar as becoming an example for all of them to emulate, the Britannians ended up counting on the Avatar to solve all their problems, rather than following in the hero's footsteps and trying to solve their crises by themselves.

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