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Note: This article is about the version of the Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: The Avengers.
Heroic Overview

There was an idea, Stark knows this... called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more. To fight the battles that we never could. Phil Coulson died still believing in that idea... in heroes.
~ Nick Fury on the Avengers.
Avengers... Assemble!
~ Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Avengers: Endgame.

The Avengers are a team of superheroes that appear as the protagonistic faction of the Infinity Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They were assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director Nick Fury through the Avengers Initiative. They are the titular protagonistic faction of both the Avengers tetralogy and the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War.


Iron Man

In the end of the first Iron Man, when Tony Stark was welcomed back home by J.A.R.V.I.S., Nick Fury appeared before him wanting to talk to him about the Avengers Initiative.

The Incredible Hulk

At the end of The Incredible Hulk, Stark appeared in a bar where Thunderbolt Ross was drinking and saying, "What if I told you we were putting a team together?", which Ross responded with, "Who's we?"

Iron Man 2

When Stark was dying from the Arc Reactor, Fury send his best agent Natasha Romanoff to keep an eye on Stark. However, due to the events of the film such as the fight with Ivan Vanko and his fight with his friend James Rhodes, they decided to disband him from the Initiative and require the Iron Man suit, and have Stark as a consultant, he would accepted unless he and Rhodes would be given medal for their heroics, which Fury accepts.


During his time in exile, Thor finds himself meeting with a human, including S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who's got a whole of his hammer and attempted to get it back along with Jane Foster's items. He eventually came across with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents including Clint Barton who was attempting to aim his arrow on him. Near the end after Thor got his powers, he form a friendship with Phil Coulson and would fight by his side if he and his agents return Jane's items they took from her.

Captain America: The First Avenger

After waking up from being frozen, Steve Rogers found himself in modern time where he meets with Fury who told him that he has been a sleep for 70 years.

The Avengers

In the 2012 movie, the team are being founded by Nick Fury to join forces and learn how to work as team to fight and defeat Thor's villainous adoptive brother, Loki, who uses the cosmic cube The Tesseract to bring an army of deadly and scary aliens warriors called The Chitauri to Earth. However, the team didn't know that the armies are commanded not just by Loki, but by the bigger bad villain, Thanos, the ruthless alien warlord of The Chituari. The Avengers assemble after Loki escapes and the death of Phil Coulson, angering the team and S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. The Avengers win the battle of New York, with Thor taking Loki back to Asgard as the team disbands to their own lives.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers appear in Sokovia where they are attacking a HYDRA base under the control of Wolfgang von Strucker. The Avengers win against the HYDRA forces and capture the base and Wolfgang. Iron Man also builds Ultron to replace him but he gets corrupted and goes rogue and betrays the Avengers. The team then assembles and goes after him and Ultron's new army in Sokovia where he plans to use the city to wipe out humanity. The Avengers win and Ultron is destroyed despite the countless death; including Quicksilver. At the end, Thor leaves to locate the infinity stones and Tony Stark leaves, and Hulk leaves to Sakkar, but they're replaced with Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon, and War Machine.

Captain America: Civil War

In Nigeria, Captain America leads Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Black Widow as they attack the IFID Headquartes which is under seige by Crossbones, a HYDRA agent-turned rogue mercenary, and his mercenary army. They battle his forces and soon face off against Crossbones only to end up with him attempting suicide and Scarlet Witch flying him up where he blows up and kills numerous Wakandan workers in a nearby building. This causes the United Nations to gather and form the Sovokia Accords to regulate the Avengers and superheroes in general. Tony supports the plan but Steve opposes it and soon the Avengers are divided as half side with Tony and the rest side with Iron Man. This soon boils over into a civil war between the two factions and it ends with Captain America's team being captured and imprisoned. Iron Man meets up with Captain America and the Winter Soldier in the HYDRA Siberian Base where Helmut Zemo is and after he shows Iron Man footage of Bucky killing Martha and Howard Stark, Tony loses it and fights the two of them but is defeated by them. Bucky and Steve escape while Iron Man returns to the New Avengers facility and takes over what's left of the Avengers as their leader. Steve breaks his team out and they all go rogue and says that he'll help them when needed but the Avengers are left divided and disbanded at the end though.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

After Spider-Man successfully defeated Vulture and had him arrested, Stark decided to make Peter the new member of the Avengers; even offering him the Iron-Spider Suit. Parker declines, wanting to help the little guy as Stark enters the room as Pepper and others awaited for the young hero to enter.

Avengers: Infinity War

Bruce Banner fell down on New York Sanctum after Heimdall had used the Bifrost Bridge to help him to safety, warning Doctor Strange and Wong that Thanos' imminent arrival was coming. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts were talking about Stark's dream to have a baby but were interrupted by Doctor Strange who called upon Stark and asked for his help. They explained the Infinity Stones to Stark in the Sanctum until they heard a sound outside. They saw the Q-Ship and were approached by Black Order members Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, under the orders of Thanos to steal the Time Stone. The four fought the Order.

The battle caught the attention of Peter Parker, who was on a school bus returning from a field trip, felt danger and saw the Q-Ship off in the distance. With the help of Ned Leeds, Parker was able to sneak away with his Spider-Man to go help. Parker arrived just in time to save Stark from an on-coming attack from Obsidian. They continued together, deflecting all of Obsidian's advances until Wong was able to teleport him away. Meanwhile, Strange was battling Ebony Maw in an effort to prevent the Time Stone from being stolen. However, Maw was able to gain the upper-hand on Strange immobilizing him in the process. Parker, despite his best efforts, was unable to save Strange and left him hanging on to the Q-Ship, which was heading towards space. It also caused Parker to run out of breath causing Stark to order F.R.I.D.A.Y. to activate the Iron Spider Armor in an attempt to parachute Parker away from the ship to safety, but was unsuccessful, with Parker stowing away on it. In the aftermath of the battle, Wong decided to stay to protect the Sanctum due to Strange's absence and Banner opts to call Captain America to help locate Vision. While walking on the streets of Edinburgh, Wanda Maximoff and Vision noticed a news report regarding the Attack on Greenwich Village. Vision suggested that he would leave immediately, and just when he was about to, suddenly, he was stabbed by Corvus Glaive, in an attempt to extract the Mind Stone from him.

Proxima Midnight also arrived to help with the extraction. Glaive demanded that Vision hand over the stone, otherwise they would kill Maximoff. After being cornered into a train station, the Black Order made their move to get the stone, when from the shadows, Captain America, as well as Black Widow, and Falcon, Bruce Banner came out of hiding to defend Maximoff and Vision. Getting the upper hand, the Black Order then retreated, in a failed attempt to secure the stone. As Tony Stark attempted to locate Doctor Strange, he ran into the Cloak of Levitation and Peter Parker and became angry with the latter for disobeying his direct order to return home. However, Parker claimed that he could not stay as a "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" if there was no neighborhood in the first place. Relenting, Parker came up with a plan to defeat Ebony Maw and save Strange by having Stark blast a hole in the hull of the Q-Ship causing Ebony Maw to be sucked out while Parker saved Strange from sharing his fate. While Strange suggested they return to Earth, Stark insisted that they maintain the course the ship was heading and to ambush Thanos. Strange then told Stark that if it came down between sacrificing the life of Stark or Parker over the Time Stone he would for the good of the universe. Stark also appointed Parker as a member of the Avengers much to his delight. With Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man aboard the Q-Ship that was on auto-pilot towards Titan, they arrived and met the Guardians of the Galaxy who arrived because of Nebula's order to Mantis. The two groups mistook each other for being allied with Thanos and fought each other until the identity of the Avengers were revealed. They organized a plan to defeat Thanos, whose arrival was to get the Time Stone. Doctor Strange looked over 14 million outcomes from the future and knew that they would've only won once. Thanos arrived and were ambushed by the Guardians and the few members of the Avengers. They all each fought valiantly and ferociously against Thanos and managed to hold their own effectively, although they could not restrain and defeat him despite their capability of repeatedly keeping Thanos from closing his fist, making him incapable of using the Infinity Gauntlet, which was only brief as Thanos would quickly break out of any hold they attempted.

However, eventually, Nebula arrived and managed to distract Thanos long enough that they all overpowered Thanos and Mantis was able to hold Thanos into a state of immobility, while the others were trying to work on removing the Gauntlet. The operation was almost successful until Star-Lord, discovering what Thanos had done to obtain the Soul Stone, leading to Gamora death, became enraged and started to react violently to Thanos; punching him, due to his anger. The reaction made Thanos go free of Mantis' hold and threw off many of the team, and then he threw one of Titan's moon aboard the planet which slowed others off. Doctor Strange confronted Thanos on his own and used a couple of spells to attack Thanos, all of which were repelled effectively with Thanos's skill with the Infinity Gauntlet's powers. Eventually, Thanos defeated Strange after dispersing all of the mystical copies Strange conjured and stunning him long enough for him to put him in a choke-hold using the Power and Soul Stones. Iron Man then confronted Thanos, battling valiantly, to the point where Stark made Thanos bleed, but only found himself no match for the Titan, who crushed Stark's armor bit by bit and swiftly defeated him by stabbing him with his own nanotech-fashioned dagger. Strange bargained the Time Stone for Stark's life and Thanos teleports to Earth, in search of the sixth and final Mind Stone. With Vision now a target of the Black Order and Thanos, Captain America decided the best place to protect him would be Wakanda. Whilst Shuri worked on a way to separate the Mind Stone from Vision and keep him alive, Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, War Machine, Falcon as well as M'Baku and his army held off the Black Order and Outriders. Black Panther was forced to open the barrier to stop the Outriders from getting to Vision leading to the battle.

During the battle, Scarlet Witch decided to join, and was able to kill Proxima Midnight, with help from Black Widow and Okoye. Meanwhile, Corvus Glaive managed to sneak up on Vision and attack him, but he was saved by Captain America. However, the overwhelming number of Outriders made it difficult for the Avengers to contain, with many getting overpowered. Suddenly, Thor arrived at the battle from Nidavellir using a Bifrost Bridge, with his newly made Stormbreaker and his new companions Groot and Rocket. Reunited with his fellow Avengers after three years, Thor and Captain America remarked on each others hair and beards. Bruce Banner used the Hulk Buster suit to kill Cull Obsidian and Vision impaled Corvus Glaive with his own scepter.

However, unfortunately for the Avengers, as soon as they had defeated all of Thanos's forces, at the same moment Thanos had acquired the Time Stone and arrived on the Battle of Wakanda to get the final stone. Seeing this, Vision told Maximoff it was finally time to destroy the Mind Stone along with himself, which she reluctantly accepted to do just as Thanos was effortlessly knocking aside the remaining members of the Avengers and Guardians that stood in his way. Captain America was able to hold his hand back for a short time before Thanos knocked him out with his other hand. Maximoff was able to hold back Thanos just long enough to destroy the Mind Stone, however, Thanos, in possession of the Time Stone, was able to reverse her effects, bring both Vision and the Mind Stone back before killing Vision a second time and adding the Mind Stone to his Gauntlet finally completing his quest. It was at this moment that Thor, in a last-minute attempt to stop him and avenge his people and brother, launched a full-power assault at the surprised Thanos and managed to impale Stormbreaker into Thanos' chest and then twisted it as deep as he could into the Titan's chest, wounding and agonizing him, as Thor claimed he had kept his word that he would kill Thanos.

However, the blow was not enough to kill or hinder the Mad Titan and he simply mocked Thor, saying he "should have gone for his head" before snapping his fingers and teleporting away. Thor stood in silence, realizing and lamenting what he had failed to do. Realizing they had lost, many of the Avengers started to disintegrate, leaving the remaining surviving Avengers to look on in horror, unable to do anything but accept defeat.

Captain Marvel

Following the Decimation, the Avengers, completely defeated, could only return to the New Avengers Facility, where they began their attempts to try to contain the damage done to the world so it wouldn't be too great while also trying to desperately find Thanos in order to try to undo Thanos' actions. They retrieved Nick Fury's Transmitter Pager, which apparently was sending a call to someone. As Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff were watching in shock the casualties counter, James Rhodes informed them that the Pager had stopped working. The three asked Bruce Banner if he could make it work, but he claimed that he did not understand what it was yet. However, Captain Marvel suddenly approached them, asking for Fury's whereabouts.

Avengers: Endgame

Whatever it takes.
~ Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame.

After Captain Marvel saves Iron Man and Nebula and brings them back to Earth, despite Iron Man's inability to provide information on Thanos' whereabouts and his anger towards Rogers and the other Avengers that lead to him passing out due to his time in space, Nebula was able to tell the Avengers about Thanos having retired to the Garden and they tracked him down. Although they easily overpowered Thanos and cut off his left arm holding the Infinity Gauntlet, unfortunately Thanos had actually used the Stones to destroy them, seeing no point in keeping them due to his lack of interest in power and having accepted his fate to die at the hands of the Avengers ever since he had defeated them back in the Infinity War as being just and only wishing to ensure his goals could never be undone despite his death, which effectively meant there was no way for the Avengers to undo the Decimation, which was confirmed by Nebula to be true, as Thanos was never a liar. In a fit of rage, Thor used Stormbreaker and beheaded the Mad Titan saying that he "aimed for the head" after Rocket asked what he did.

Having seemingly irreversibly failed and only able to setle with the fact that they had avenged the victims but could not undo Thanos' actions, the Avengers returned to Earth, forced to apparently live the rest of their lives with the shame and regret of their catastrophic failure. Over the five years, with Thor and Iron Man having left the team due to shame and guilt over their particular part in the failure, Thor falling into a deep depression after rebuilding Asgard on Tonsberg, the remaining Avengers, with Okoye, Nebula, Rocket, and Captain Marvel joining the group, supported the world and did their best to keep order through both Earth and the universe. During the five year time skip, however, Ant-Man was in the Quantum Realm and was brought back by a rat five years later not knowing what had happened.

Upon being released, with him having only spent 5 minutes in the Realm, Ant-Man realized the Quantum Realm had the potential to be used to undo the Decimation and proceeded to tell the Avengers. Finally seeing a potential chance to undo their failure, the Avengers immediately worked on it. However, Tony refused out of fear for the safety of Morgan and the Avengers, understanding of their friend's fears, decided to honor Tony's feelings and instead went to Professor Hulk, the fusion of the brains of Bruce Banner and the strength of Hulk. Unfortunately, while Hulk's intelligence rivaled that of Stark, Quantum Psychics was never on his area of expertise and though they succeeded in convincing him despite his doubts, Hulk quickly found the process to be a struggle and the time-machine he built was unable to handle the EPR Paradox, resulting in their attempts to send Scott through time instead aging and deaging him.

However, fate and hope finally shone on the Avengers in the form of Tony Stark's recent discovery of a Space-Time GPS that could allow accurate displacement through space and time. The Avengers then worked on recruiting all their members and successfully brought Nebula, Rocket and War Machine to the field without a hitch and despite struggles with Barton's cynicism and vengeful bitterness towards criminals who survived the Decimation while his family didn't and Thor's depression that left him a fat and drunken hermit, they eventually got all the crew together and were able to gather the complete information on all the Infinity Stones locations through time.

Traveling to the times that the Stones were located on, the Avengers were able to successfully gather all of them, even with Iron Man and Captain America failing their first attempt to retrieve the Tesseract and having to time-travel back to the time where Howard and Hank were still in S.H.I.E.L.D to get both the Tesseract and additional Pym Particles, but alas in order to retrieve the Soul Stone, Black Widow had to irreversibly sacrifice herself, leaving Hawkeye and the other Avengers devastated and saddened over her death.

Eventually accepting her sacrifice and vowing to honor it, Tony, Bruce, and Rocket made an Infinity Gauntlet out of nanotechnology. With Thor no longer the strongest Avenger, Hulk was the only one who had a chance to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and live, with his attunement to Gamma Radiation giving him an edge that would allow him to survive. Hulk eventually successfully snapped his fingers and caused the Blip, returning the victims of the Snap.

However, even with their failure having been undone, the Avengers time-traveling escapades accidentally resurrected Thanos: With Nebula inadverdently revealing to the 2014 Thanos their goals and what happened in the future, she was captured by Thanos and her Pym Particle was stolen and Thanos reverse-engineered the Pym Particles to allow his fleet to travel into the future and had his 2014 self impersonate her. Making it to the future, the Sanctuary II's subsequent attack destroyed the New Avengers Facility, leaving Hulk, Rocket, and War Machine in critical danger of drowning while Hawkeye was attacked by Outriders and Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man battled 2014 Thanos, who had changed his goals to instead destroy the Universe. Hawkeye managed to fend off the Outriders coming after him while 2014 Nebula was killed by her future self. Meanwhile, the Big Three Avengers were gradually overwhelmed by Thanos, whose overwhelming power and combat prowess proved to be able to match and forcibly separate them. Eventually, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man were brought down one-by-one and ultimately defeated, even with Rogers gaining mastery over Mjolnir, by Thanos.

However, just as Thanos summoned his armies to destroy Earth, the Avengers was quickly fully reassambled with Giant Man saving Hulk, War Machine, and Rocket Raccoon and Doctor Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts summoning all of the allies of the Avengers and the restored Guardians of the Galaxy. Finally capable of facing the Mad Titan's evil armies, the Avengers engaged in the final battle with Thanos' armies, matching the alien onslaught as they took down scores after scores of Thanos' minions. The battle finally turned decisively into the favor of the Avengers when Captain Marvel destroyed the Sanctuary II, stopping the fire that Thanos had unleashed to stop Scarlet Witch from killing him.

Alas, Thanos quickly proved himself to be still a tenacious opponent as he managed to destroy the Quantum Tunnel. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Marvel attempted to defeat Thanos but Thanos' skill and power allowed him to overcome them, even as Thor and Rogers came close to killing Thanos with Stormbreaker while Danvers almost managed to disarm him of the Nano Gauntlet. With absolutely no other choice left, Doctor Strange revealed to Tony that the only way to win the conflict was for Iron Man to sacrifice himself to steal the Stones and then destroy Thanos and his army once and for all. Selflessly, Tony managed to steal the Stones away from the Nano Gauntlet and used it to end the Mad Titan once and for all at the cost of his life, the damage caused by the Stones far too much for his human physiology for him to be saved, winning the battle but leaving the Avengers devastated by the loss of their friend.

A massive funeral was held in honor of Stark's sacrifice with the Avengers attending it. Afterwards, the Avengers seemingly disbanded, with Rogers choosing to live out his life with Peggy after having returned the Stones to their times and passing on the mantle of Captain America to Wilson while the others went their own ways.

Spider Man: Far From Home

Due to their heroic actions in undoing the Decimation, which was then referred as the Snap, the Avengers had fully regained and strengthened their heroic image: Not only where the remaining heroes praised world-widedly as heroes, but the fallen heroes were also honored. This went to where the world would be concerned when after 8 months there was no mention or appearance of the Avengers and they would begin to collectively ask their status to people like "Nick Fury", who Talos impersonated.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man, who technically was a member of the Avengers, was left to struggle with the legacy of Iron Man and initially believed himself unworthy to continue to function as an Avenger and Tony Stark's successor. This left him susceptible to the manipulations of Mysterio, who was Quentin Beck, a disgraced former member of Stark Industries, and sought to become a hero greater than the Avengers. While Spider-Man was able to defeat Mysterio, Mysterio revealed Spider-Man's identity, leaving the future of Spider-Man's status as an Avenger uncertain.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Two members of the Avengers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, appear as the main protagonists of the series.

Wilson ultimately decided against taking on the mantle of Captain America despite Steve's passing on the mantle to him and instead sent it to the Smithsonian, opting to remain as the Falcon. Meanwhile, Bucky, having been pardoned for his crimes, continued to operate to defeat the remains of HYDRA while also seeking to make amends for his acts as the Winter Soldier. However, tension quickly rose when John Walker was made the new Captain America and the Flag Smashers, new super-soldiers, emerged.

To combat the threat, Wilson and Bucky worked together, though Wilson's actions earned him Bucky's ire, while meeting John Walker and Lemar Hoskins, the two of them naturally being highly respectful of the two members of the Avengers and Walker mentioning Rogers, Stark, and Banner as he admits how much the Avengers exceeded him and that he only wished to be the best Captain America that he could be. After learning that Isaiah Bradley, a black super soldier who had defeated Bucky before, was responsible for their creation by the blood taken from him, Bucky was temporarily arrested by police officers for missing his therapy, the police being respectful of Bucky and Wilson due to their status as the Avengers, only to be freed by Walker out of respect.

They realized HYDRA has a connection and decided to free Zemo with much reluctance. With Zemo's help, they went to Madripoor and encountering Sharon Carter, their former ally who is quite bitter at them for not checking up on her, managed to discover Wilfred Nagel as the one who recreated the serum and that Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers are in Latvia. Despite Sam's conflict about the shield, Bucky firmly resolved to take the shield from Walker.

Upon arrival on Latvia, Wilson and Bucky quickly find themselves in another predicament as the Dora Milaje, their allies on Wakanda, were furious to learn the two members of the Avengers had betrayed their trust and freed the man who killed their former king while Walker and Lemar managed to locate them on Latvia. Sam's attempts to reason with Karli failing and Bucky's attempts to negotiate with Ayo likewise ending up failing, the two members of the Avengers were forced to fight the Dora Milaje for Zemo and failing to stop Zemo from escaping and being beaten by the numbers and skills of the Dora Milaje, had to confront the Flag Smashers once more with help from Walker and Lemar. Although they easily handle the Flag Smashers, they were unable to prevent their escape and Lemar was accidentally killed by Morgenthau and this resulted in Walker snapping and killing Nico in public, staining the legacy and shield of Captain America. Unable to tolerate Walker any further, Bucky and Wilson confronted and defeated him, taking the shield from him, after he refused their offers of help. The attack on two Avengers and the murder of Nico later on lead to Walker being stripped of his rank and authority as Wilson and Bucky left him to his fate.

With the shield retrieved but the Flag Smashers still active, Bucky trained Wilson to finally become the next Captain America with his superior prowess and experience with the shield after he had the Dora Milaje capture Zemo, subsequently ending the temporary feud between the Avengers and Wakanda. Bucky also secured a new suit for Wilson. Both the training and the suit finally prepared Wilson to be the next Captain America and he along with Bucky, Walker and Sharon confronted and defeated the Flag Smashers one last time in their assault on the GRC, with Sharon killing Morgenthau and Walker and Bucky capturing the others. Wilson also convinced the governments to abandon the Patch Act and focus on ensuring comfortability and safety for the displaced. With the conflict ended, Wilson and Bucky rested for the time being, content with the fact that the peace of the world has been restored for now.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The Avengers are confirmed to be in fact still active to some extent and they have maintained partnership with the Masters of the Mystic Arts at the end of the film, where Wong brings Shang-Chi in for the mysterious abilities and origins of the Ten Rings. Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner welcome Shang-Chi as they research the mystery, meaning that Shang-Chi may become an Avenger in the future.


The Avengers are repeatedly mentioned by the Eternals, who as the first superheroes on Earth considered them to be the ultimate embodiment of the superheroism they started. Ajak, the Prime Eternal, reveals that their actions in saving half the universe has inspired her to defy Arishem the Judge and stop the Emergance on Earth. The rest of the Eternals also seemed to hold them in high regard as they were able to effectively stop all conflicts without necessiating them to interfere. Sprite even worried about their state, wondering who would lead them with Rogers and Stark gone, which indicated further that they are still active and the Eternals are aware of it. Despite being upset that they failed to stop Thanos from halting the Emergance, even Ikaris seemed to have gained respect for their competence after they undid Thanos's actions and even expressed interest in recruiting them to fight for the Celestials, stating that he could lead them, though his intentions were far from heroic as he likely intended them to become brainwashed soldiers for Arishem and help him carry out the Emergance.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Although the Avengers do not appear, two of their members, Doctor Strange and Spider Man, are present, the conflict revolving around Spider-Man being deemed a traitor to the Avengers by the public and Doctor Strange's attempts to help restore the uproar caused by it ending up instead causing a multiversal crisis. By the end of it, Spider Man has become an independent superhero, all memories of him erased by Strange's final spell, seemingly marking the end of his career as an Avenger.






  • At the time of Civil War, the only active Avengers on Earth were Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, War Machine and Vision.
    • Iron Man and Hawkeye were retired, with Spider-Man, Black Panther and Ant-Man being outside recruits during the fight; plus Thor and Hulk were off world.
  • According to Kevien Fiege, in the future, a new Avengers team may be put together. However, it has also been stated that Endgame was the final film for the Avengers as a team, possibly suggesting that this new team may not be the Avengers but something similar.


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