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You can call me The Big Friendly Giant.
~ The BFG to Sophie

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) is the hero of the book and cartoon-movie of the same name and is one of the only good giants in existence, preferring to capture dreams and give them to children rather than kidnap and devour them like the other giants - however BFG is too timid and frightened of the other giants to interfere with them, especially their fearsome leader - Fleshlumpeater, however when he brings back the human girl Sophie to giant land he develops a close friendship with her that helps him to realise how evil the other giants were and gives him the courage to seek out the British Army and Royal Air Force to capture the giants.

However Fleshlumpeater was not captured and chased after the BFG in a rage - although Sophie tried to talk him out of it the BFG told her to hide in order to confront Fleshlumpeater, reasoning that he was the only thing left to stop him now, although he bravely confronts the giant he is badly hurt in the confrontation and almost killed.

When Fleshlumpeater goes after Sophie the BFG goes to his chamber of dreams and unlocks a cabinet where he keeps nightmares - which he then uses on Fleshlumpeater to scare the giant away and save Sophie, though the BFG tries to return Sophie to the human world shortly after the two ultimately stay together in giant-land and continue to make dreams for children across the world - before leaving however the BFG makes sure that the evil giants are put in a large pit and fed only disgusting snozzcumbers, he also appoints Mrs Clonkers as their caretaker as punishment for her cruelty to the children at her orphanage (including Sophie).

2016 Film

In the first live action film of The BFG, the titular character was played by Mark Rylance.


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