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Each fella for all and all for each fella, our loyalty never quits. Everyone knows bananas are yellow, but not the Banana Splits.
~ The Banana Splits' cheer

The Banana Splits are the titular main characters of the 1968-1970 television series of the same name and the protagonists in The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park. Fleegle was voiced by the late Paul Winchell, who played Tigger in Winnie the Pooh, Bingo was voiced by the late Daws Butler, Drooper was voiced by the late Allan Melvin, and Snorky was performed by James Dove, later replaced by Robert Towers.

The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park

The Banana Splits are working as tour guides at an amusement park called, Kings Island, but no luck in getting one or a single customers, mostly by reducing the price to 50 cents to 40 cents to 30 cents to 20 cents and to 10 cents. As they reduce the price to free, a little girl by the name of Susie approaches them to go on their tour. When the balloon, created by the a wicked Witch who wants to turn Susie into a witch like herself, comes through a magic billboard and into the real world, Susie starts chases after it around the park and into the billboard, with The Banana Splits going after her as well. The Banana Splits go through the billboard and get turned into animated figures, just like Susie did. Two wizards by the name of Hocus and Pocus, who work for the Witch, try many times to stop them from their search for Susie, but fail due to their arguing over which of them came up with a good idea. As one of their ideas traps them, The Banana Splits find and save them and Hocus and Pocus decide to join them and save Susie, who is then kidnapped by the witch in her castle. 

When they arrived at the castle, The Banana splits and Hocus and Pocus try many different ways to get inside, and have one comical failure after another. They manage to get in, and the Witch tells them that in order to rescue Susie, they have to face off against a knight, and gives them a suit of armor so one of them will be the knight, resulting in Fleegle and Bingo being the horse and Drooper being the knight. But they become helpless, due to that the knight is actually a robot on a giant mechanical and robotic horse, which chases the them. Susie is able to outsmart the witch and make the horse have a malfunction and throw the knight off of it and defeating it. As The Banana Splits reunite with Susie, the group uses the horse to escape and make it to the billboard, due to that the Banana Splits have a scheduled concert, but they get chased by the Witch. The Witch tries to use her magic to prevent the group from escaping, but they jump over the wall while the horse and witch crash into it. The Banana Splits and Susie return to their world, say farewell to Hocus and Pocus, and the Splits perform their scheduled concert at the amusement park, where they begin sing their song known as "Doin' the Banana Split."

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