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The Bears (ベアーズ) is a baseball team and the secondary characters of the anime BNA (Brand New Animal).

Michiru and the bears compete in the Anima City Baseball League, while Shirou unravels the dirty secrets behind the sport.


Michiru joins the Bears' baseball team, as the bears need a pitcher urgently, and choose Michiru. She takes advantage of her powers, such as her gorilla arm and cheetah leg, to lead the bears to success in the Anima City Baseball League. Meanwhile, the coach is reprimanded by the head of the baseball-related bets, for not losing in the previous games, as both had agreed. He starts the league championship game against the Killer Animals, and the coach is nowhere to be seen. The coach has stolen the betting money, and the boss finds out. The game is stopped, as the spectators are angered when they learn that their wagered money had been stolen. Michiru and the Bears remind everyone that baseball is about fighting to win with everything you have. The spectators calm down and the game resumes. The bears unfortunately lose the game and Shirou, having stopped the trainer, returns the stolen money.

Michiru is playing basketball while Shirou is lounging on a lawn chair. Shirou asks him why he was still in his beastman form. Michiru tells him that it is because it is more convenient to be in this form. She asks Melissa if there is a place to play basketball in town. Melissa says she does, but she takes her to a baseball game. Michiru is disappointed and Melissa leaves. The match is between the pink flamingos and the bears. All players are in beast form of him. A ball shoots towards Michiru, and she grabs it, to proceed to throw it using her gorilla arm. Jackie, who had caught the ball, was dumbfounded, and she screams that it was a miracle ball. The flamingos proceed to defend. A flamingo steps into position, and throws knives at a bear player, who collapses to the ground.

The referee asks for him to be removed immediately. Michiru is dumbfounded and protests, but the flamingos threaten her as a snitch. Marie greets Michiru in the stands.

She explains that baseball in Anima City was comparable to a game of death. The game draws eager viewers, regardless of whether the players live or die. The Flamingos are batting, and the batter throws the ball directly at the pitcher's head. The pitcher is taken off the field. Without a pitcher, and with only nine players remaining on the team, Jackie asks the coach for help, but she gets no response. She decides to solve the complex situation on her own, and chooses Michiru as her new pitcher. Michiru quickly changes out of her uniform, and stands on the field. A flamingo mocks her, and she gets irritated. She scoffs, and throws the ball with her gorilla arm. The flamingos do not hit any of the balls thrown by Michiru. Michiru proceeds to bat, and thanks to her the bears win the match. Meanwhile, Rose wants Shirou to study the illegal gambling related to baseball in the city. She notes that the Dodo team became extinct due to the extreme violence that the sport involved. The Bears team goes home celebrating their victory.

They bring Michiru back to her humble home, and beg her to join the team. Michiru apologizes and leaves. Jackie begins to tell a sad story about their lives, and how they lived in miserable living conditions, and that baseball was all they had. Upset, Michiru agrees to join, on the condition that there would be no violence during matches. The next game is with a strong team, the Buffaloes.

The Bears starting out beating the Buffalos easily. However, the coach begins to entangle his players, and the Bears begin to lose. However, Michiru had a superb action, even saving a home run thanks to her geetah legs. They eventually win the game with Michiru's help, and the coach is dumbfounded. In the back of a Pizzanimals, a pizzeria, the coach is being hit. A mob boss explains that no one would bet on a weak team like the bears, so they must keep losing to keep audience interest and profits high. The coach promises to lose the next game. At the exit, Shirou asks the trainer what he was doing in there. The coach refuses to testify about gambling, saying this is the only path a beastman can take to earn a living from baseball. The next game, the coach orders Michiru to stay on the bench, and someone else to be the pitcher. The team protests, as Michiru is their best player. The coach obeys obmissively, and remains firm in his decision. In the team's dressing room, Shirou picks up a baseball and examines it. He sees the past of the coach, Dante, who used to play for Odaibo's team in human territory. He is constantly discriminated against. He finally explodes during a match and, furious, attacks everyone. Arai Rascal is the pitcher, who is nervous and is using an oven mitt to catch.

The rival team that day was Los Tigres. They hit the ball off the field, but Michiru manages to catch it thanks to his powers. The Bears finally win the match and celebrate. Shirou is disgusted by what there was about this. At home, Shirou questions Michiru for using her powers among strangers. If anyone found out what was happening, both the city and the possible cure for his illness could be compromised. She recognizes him, but says that playing baseball with the bears was the first time she had fun since he became a beastman. At the dock, the gang boss is torturing the Bears' coach for not complying with him. If the coach does not lose the next game, he will die. The boss leaves and the coach reflects on his situation. He concludes that he will die either way eventually.


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