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The Boss is the overarching protagonist of the adult animated series Smiling Friends. He serves as the founder and head of the eponymous business who appoints Pim and Charlie with making clients smile.

He is voiced by Marc M.


Not much is known about the Boss nor his name aside from a few hallucinations referring to himself as "Mr. M." However, he would eventually establish the charity business Smiling Friends Inc. dedicated to making people smile.

Unlike most bosses, he readily responds to clients demonstrating that he does have some involvement in his business (even though he is often shown playing video games in his spare time). However, there does come instances where the Boss would take his business very seriously as evidenced in the season 1 episode "Frowning Friends."

In it, when he receives news that a competing business, the Smiling Friends, opened across the street, the Boss suffers from a gradual mental breakdown due to his business losing $2.4 billion to the Frowning Friends. Despite trying to fight his inner demons, he grabs an M-16 and threatens to kill Grime and Gnarly only relenting when Grime was begging for his life.


He is a very friendly man who is extremely dedicated to his cause of making his clients happy and it can be argued that he is a master of it. He is also weird often performing acts that are questionable such as eating worms which could lean towards the implication that he has a mental disorder further compounded by his loss of sanity when the Frowning Friends were stealing clients.

Even though the Boss can be a chill guy, he can engage in acts of extreme violence such as when he assisted a gang of people in brutalizing and consuming the body of a forest demon out of the belief that the demon was wearing blackface.

When the Frowning Friends competes with his business, he gets tormented by a split personality goading him to take action. However, the Boss's moral compass won in the end when he decides to spare Grim and Gnarly after exposing them as hypocrites.

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