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Enjoy your stay.
~ The Courier

The Courier (a.k.a. Courier Six) is the main protagonist and playable character of the 2010 video-game Fallout: New Vegas as well as is expansions Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. The Courier is a human, but the race and the gender can be chosen by the player. The original appearance of The Courier is a Caucasian male with blond hair.

The male Courier is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and the female Courier is voiced by Laura Bailey.


Some time before the events of the game, Courier Six was hired by the New California Republic (NCR) to deliver a package to The Divide, which they found in Navarro. The package was containing several Pre-War symbols that they didn't recognize, except for the Old World Flag.

However, the package 'woke up' and the warheads buried beneath The Divide have been detonated, which then turned the place into a radioactive hell. This was also the main reason why the NCR could barely win the First Battle of Hoover Dam, and couldn't defeat the Caesar's Legion entirely, as their supply route through The Divide was cut off due to the detonations.

Prior to the game's beginning, Courier Six was one of the six couriers hired by the Mojave Express to deliver strange packages to New Vegas. Before they could make it to Vegas, they were intercepted by a few men - one of them wearing an expensive-looking tuxedo - outside the town of Goodsprings.

The men stole the package, and the suit shot Courier Six in the head, leaving them to die. However, Courier Six was rescued by a Securitron Robot named Victor, and carried back to Goodsprings, before being nursed back to life by Doc Mitchell, the town's doctor.

Searching for the Assassin

Courier Six awakens in Doc Mitchell's house days later, then they get a final treatment from the doc and set out to explore the Mojave Wasteland and find the man who attempted to kill them. The Courier starts at the small town of Goodsprings, and is greeted by a young lady named Sunny Smiles in the Prospector's Saloon.

Sunny briefly reminds Courier Six how to survive in the dangers of the wasteland. After this, Courier Six sets out to Primm, where they first got the package. There, Deputy Beagle, after saving him from a group of escaped convicts, tells Courier Six that the man who shot them in the head was headed towards Novac, but also tells them to get there through Nipton, since it's safer.

After reaching Novac, the Courier meets a former NCR sharpshooter named Manny Vargas, who tells the Courier that the man who shot them was called Benny, that he is the leader of the Chairmen, one of the three families in control of New Vegas, stationed in The Tops in The Strip. Manny adds that he was last seen heading towards Boulder City alongside some Great Khans.

After this, Courier Six reaches Boulder City, where they encounter a squad of NCR soldiers trying to save their comrades from the Great Khans. After Courier Six convinces the NCR officer into negotiating with the Khans, Courier Six went to interrogate the Khans about Benny's whereabouts. They told the Courier that Benny had stabbed them in the back and escaped to The Tops in Vegas.

After learning this, Courier Six set out to the New Vegas Strip to find Benny, deal with him, and retrieve the Platinum Chip he stole from them. Mr. House made contact with Courier Six and told them to bring the chip to him (in exchange for 1000/1250 caps). The Courier deals with Benny and retrieves Mr. House's chip from him, and leaves The Tops afterward.

Dead Money - Journey to Sierra Madre

The Courier travels to an abandoned Brotherhood bunker and is gassed. Waking up in the Sierra Madre wearing an explosive collar, The Courier is given the task (by Father Elijah) to assemble a team of people that will trigger the casino's Opening Gala so they can get inside.

Along the way, The Courier fights many hazards including radios and speakers (which can set off their collar early), the toxins in the air, the strange Ghost People, and even traps that others have set up.

When the Gala Event is triggered, Ghost People swarm the streets and The Courier fights their way inside the casino, where the security system gasses everyone. When the Courier comes to, they are contacted by Father Elijah, who tells them to first power the casino up, then to hunt down the other team members (the team's collars do not allow the Courier access to the casino vault).

After dealing with the other members, The Courier heads down to the vault and bypasses all the defenses. After getting to the actual vault, they are contacted by Father Elijah again, who orders the Courier to stay in the vault. From here, the player can either confront Elijah and kill him, or sneak out of the vault, trapping him in the basement when he tries opening the vault door. Either way, he attempts to set off the Courier's collar. However, the collar detaches when The Courier gets out of the vault.

Honest Hearts - Journey to Zion Valley

The Courier journeys to the Northern Passage to go with the Happy Trails Caravan Expedition Team to check out the Zion Canyons. But things almost immediately go wrong, as the White Horses attack the group. The rest is player decided.

Old World Blues - Journey to the Big Empty

The Courier picks up a strange signal on his Pip-Boy, and investigates the broadcast's origin to an abandoned Big MT. Satellite. The satellite, when interacted with, will teleport them to Big MT. The rest is player decided.

Lonesome Road - Journey to the Divide

The Courier is contacted by a man named Ulysses, who tells them to come to the Divide.

The Mojave's Fate

Independent Vegas

The ending considered canon, the Courier meets with Yes Man, who tells him/her that Benny's plan was to kill Mr. House and take over New Vegas. The Courier arranges things with groups around the Mojave (Great Khans, Boomers, Brotherhood of Steel, etc) before killing Mr. House and activating/destroying an army of Securitrons under Caeser's Fort. Afterward, The Courier took part in the Battle of Hoover Dam and drove both the NCR and the Legion out of the Mojave.

New California Republic

After leaving the Lucky 38, the Courier is approached by an NCR trooper who told the Courier to meet Ambassador Crocker down in the Strip at the NCR Embassy. The Courier travels there and speaks with the Ambassador and learns about the approaching Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The Ambassador tasks the Courier to gain the support of a group called "Boomers" stationed at the Nellis AFB to the northeast of Vegas who is rumored to possess a dramatically high amount of firepower. The Boomers, however, are known with their extreme xenophobia and will shoot at anyone who attempts to approach their base. The Courier makes through the artillery barrage and makes it to the gates. After passing a heated conversation with the gate guard, they are taken into the base and told to speak to Pearl, the leader of the Boomers who gives the Courier an opportunity to gain the trust of her people. After doing several jobs for them and lifting a Crashed B-29 from Lake Mead, they ask Pearl to help the NCR at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. She accepts and the Courier goes back to the embassy to receive further orders.

The next task for the Courier is to stop the violence against the NCR citizens in Freeside. The Courier pays a visit to the King, who is the leader of the gang in Freeside known as Kings and asks him to stop the violence in Freeside. The King tasks the Courier to do a few jobs for him and finds out that there was a soup kitchen in the Freeside but only serving the NCR citizens and not the Freesiders. But the Courier also reveals that the NCR had sent an envoy to the King but he could never reach him so the King could never know of it. The King sends the Courier to the NCR officer to tell that he's willing to cooperate. After this, he agrees to stop the violence against the NCR citizens in the Freeside so the Courier returns to the Embassy. From that point, the Courier is tasked to go to Hoover Dam and meet Colonel Moore, who is the leading officer of the NCR troopers at the Dam to receive further orders.

Caesar's Legion

After exiting The Tops, the Courier is greeted by a disguised Vulpes Inculta (or a Frumentarius named Alerio if Vulpes was killed in Nipton), the leader of the Frumentarii caste of the Legion. He gave the Courier the Mark of Caesar as an invitation from Caesar himself. After receiving the Mark, the Courier travels to Cottonwood Cove, where the Mojave base of the Legion is located. There, the Courier has to speak with the ferryman, Cursor Lucullus who will help the Courier to reach the Fort, the Legion's main base which is actually located to the east of Colorado River in Arizona. After reaching Caesar's tent, the Courier is greeted by Caesar himself who tells the Courier that he's aware of the Securitron army located beneath the Fort and asks the Courier to destroy it. Since the base beneath can only be accessed with the Platinum Chip, Caesar gives it to the Courier to do the job.


  • If a male Courier with the Lady Killer perk speaks to the Lonesome Drifter, he will be revealed to have concieved a child 18 years prior (thus also making him middle-aged).
  • If the Courier is female, she can seduce Benny into having sex with her; after he falls asleep, she has the option of either slicing his throat or falling back asleep beside him.
    • If killed, the Courier will be able to get the Platinum Chip from his corpse.
    • If spared, however, he will dump the Courier and travel to the Fort in an attempt to unlock the bunker beneath it, only to be captured by Caesar's Legion.
  • The Courier's own ending depends on what faction the player sides with:
    • If independent, they are recognized as the person who freed New Vegas.
    • If the Legion, Caesar honors the Courier by minting a golden coin with their face.
    • If the NCR, they are given the Golden Branch: the highest civilian award in the Republic.
    • If Mr. House, they are given every luxury at House's disposal out of gratitude (or fear, depending on the Courier's karma in the end).


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