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Hero Overview

Koichi Haimawari, also known as the Crawler and Nice Guy, is the main protagonist of the Japanese superhero My Hero Academia spin-off prequel manga series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

As a child, Haimawari was inspired by Japan's greatest hero All Might to one day become a professional hero who would save those in danger. However, Koichi never earned the qualifications necessary to become a pro, instead walking down the path of an illegal vigilante known as "Nice Guy" who assisted society from outside the law.

He eventually teamed up with two other illegal vigilantes named Pop☆Step and Knuckleduster, forming the trio that became known as the Naruhata Vigilantes. Hoping to present himself more seriously, Koichi changed his name from Nice Guy to the "Crawler" with the idea that criminals would find it more intimidating. His quirk, called Slide and Glide, allowed Haimawari to slide over smooth surfaces.

Following the events of the Naruhata Lockdown, Koichi officially becomes the sidekick of Captain Celebrity and assumes his new hero name; the Skycrawler.


Koichi is a young man with a slim figure, short brown hair and brown eyes. His old vigilante costume consisted of one of his many All Might hoodies as well regular gloves and a flu mask to cover his face. His costume would later be updated to include motorcycle gear over his hoodie, as well as gloves and boots.

His costume would sometimes vary due to him wearing his different All Might hoodies.


Koichi is a nice and kind-hearted person who is willing to help others and expect nothing in return. While wearing his disguise, he was willing to use his Quirk in order to preform good deeds for other people, such as giving others directions, picking up litter and returning lost items.

While easy-going and mild-mannered, Koichi has sometimes been misinterpreted as a "Creepy Guy" by his college peers due to his eagerness to make friends, as well as his penthouse being located on top of an abandoned building. Koichi can at times be awkward, unintentionally insulting others while trying to actually compliment them and seems to have trouble reading social cues.

Despite this, Koichi does have a true heroic nature inside of him and is unable to not help someone in need, which is shown when he jumped in to save Pop☆Step from being assaulted, even after having an argument with her. He also has no problem with doing simple good deeds to help out however he can, no matter how menial they might seem. This shows that Koichi wants to be a hero neither for money nor fame, but simply to help out others.

Koichi is also willing to pass on hope to others, even indirectly, as he allowed a young drowning victim to keep one of his All Might hoodies, believing that said child might become a hero themselves and call back to that moment. At the same time, he was also very happy and excited upon being recognised by the Pro Hero Ingenium and being given his card, although he was later very depressed when Ingenium had to ask for the card back upon learning of Koichi's vigilantism.

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