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The Dos Amigos are a group of friends at Pup Academy.


The Dos Amigos are a trio of pups consisting of Spark, Whiz and Corazon. They are students at a secret school for puppies, Pup Academy. The pups helped the faculty find out about Fitz's scheme and D.O.G. fired Fitz for trying to take over the academy.

Physical Appearance

The Dos Amigos are three pups with Pup Academy uniforms, with the uniforms being a very dark blue and gold color scheme and dog tags with their names on them.


Spark is a short-haired female brown and white, pure-bred boxer puppy with brown eyes and a black nose.


  • Whiz calls the group the Tres Amigos because there are three pups in the group.
  • Corazon still calls the group the Dos Amigos, despite Spark and Whiz reminding him that it's "Tres".
  • When the Dos Amigos lost Spark, they really were the Dos Amigos.
  • Tres is Spanish for three, dos is Spanish for two and amigos is Spanish, implying that the group's name in English is the Two Friends or the Three Friends.