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The Families is a minor gang Introduced in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.It is the gang where Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton are members of it.


The Families is a gang located at Southern Los Santos.It is the replica of Grove Street Families in the HD Universe.The gang is one of the strongest gangs in the state.It has four sets and one former set(Grove Street Families).The other sets are Carson Avenue families,Davis Neighborhood families,Chamberlain Gangster Families and Forum Drive Families(also the set of Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton).


The gang is located in Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry neighborhoods,neighbouring Ballas.They are bitter rivals with Ballas and Vagos while they hold a much less rivalship with Varrios Los Aztecas.They can oftenly be seen hanging like a group or just two people.Their flag color and logo comes from a baseball team named "Feud Baseball Team".


The families was set after the events of GTA San Andreas but in a different universe.They owned most of the gang territory during the time and lost some of it(especially Grove street to Ballas).It is speculated that,at the time the old leaders quitted the gang life and possibly became CEO's.Franklin grew up at the streets of the gang similiarly to Lamar.It is being said that Franklin involved in gang activity during the time.

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