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Flash (Jay Garrick)

A hero shouldn't take extreme measures with out limits we become villains
~ Jay Garrick Injustice 2

Jay Garrick is a hero in the DC Universe, and the first Flash.


A college student in 1939 Keystone City, Jay Garrick was a bright young man who had two loves: science, and Joan Allen. Unfortunately for Jay, Joan was the type of girl who preferred jocks over nerds, and was rebuffed for not being a football player. One night, while working with hard water molecules, Jay accidentally knocked the vials over, and inhaled the fumes of the chemicals. Said molecules accelerated Jay's reflexes and metabolism to superhuman levels, granting him superhuman speed which he used to become a player on his school's football team.

But such a life was not for him, as he botched a drive-by shooting meant for Joan, conducted by a quartet of criminals in order to force her father to reveal the location of a research base. Deciding to use his power for good, Jay put together a uniform consisting of a scarlet sweater and boots, blue tights, and his father's WWI helmet with golden wings attached to it. Foiling the criminals's plans, and causing them to commit accidental suicide (it was the Golden Age, heroes were allowed to kill bad guys or at the least drive them to their deaths).

Jay continued as the Flash, battling such odd villains as the Thinker, the Fiddler, and the Shade before calling it quits in 1949 and marrying Joan. Years later, Jay came out of retirement after meeting his successor, Barry Allen, and continues to fight crime both alone and as a member of the Justice Society of America.

New 52

In the New 52, Jay's powers are now the result of a meeting with Mercury, the Roman counterpart of Hermes, and he is much younger due to now being part of a restored Earth-2.


Prime Earth Jay is revealed to have been trapped in the Speed Force. He briefly escapes to save Batman and Barry, but they don't remember him and he is pulled back in.


  • Super Speed
  • Molecular Vibration
  • Speed Touch: Jay has the Speed Force talent to either give or take speed to/from other people or objects in motion.
  • Superhuman endurance, agility, reflexes, dexterity, healing process, and perceptions
  • Time/Dimension Travel
  • Frictionless Aura


If you let me, I can help you.
~ Jay Garrick
There is no order without loyalty.
~ Jay Garrick
There is no better revenge than forgiveness.
~ Jay Garrick


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