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Keystone is under the protection of a man who can throw haymakers like machine-gun fire... who can create cyclones with a wave of his arm... who can outrun gravity. Keystone is my city.
~ Wally West.
Linda ... you're my beacon. No matter where I go, no matter what I do ... I can always find my way back home because you're there. That's my vow to you, Linda. My home, my life, all my love ... it will always rest with only you. Be mine, Linda. With you in my life ... I'm forever safe.
~ Wally to Linda Park.
You always think that only you can save the day. That only you can sacrifice everything and be the hero. You were dead before and I don't want to go through that again. The world needs Barry Allen. I need Barry Allen. Don't you get it? We need you to be the fastest man alive.
~ Prime Earth Wally West.

The Flash (real name Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West) is a fictional character in DC comics and universe. He is the nephew of Iris West and Barry Allen, the second iteration of the Flash. He was the first Kid Flash and the third iteration of the Flash, taking up the mantle after Barry's death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wally is considered to be the fastest speedster to live, having achieved the speed of light and surpassing the Speed Force. Wally was originally Barry's sidekick, and later became a founding member of the Teen Titans, and member of the Justice League and Titans.

In the DC Rebirth, Wally's birth name is Wallace Rudolph West II, and he is the cousin of Wallace R. West, who is the current Kid Flash and a separate character.

He was created by the late John Broome and the late Carmine Infantino, and first appeared in The Flash # 110 in January of 1960.


Early Life

Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West was born in Blue Valley, Nebraska to Robert Rudolph "Rudy" West and Mary Brady, and is the nephew to Iris West. As a child, Wally would often daydream, notably thinking about being the superhero speedster, Flash. Wally looked up to and idolized the Flash, and was the president and sole member of the Blue Valley Fan Club, but his parents thought he was setting himself up for failure.

When his parents tried to dampen his unrealistic expectations and his father encouraged him to work at the same plant he did, Wally became frustrated and hurt by their lack of faith in his abilities. At a family reunion, Rudy yelled at his son for spilling soda on accident, causing Wally to go to his room in tears. In his room, Wally was greeted by a man whom he thought was his uncle, and told the child to never give up on his dreams. Wally was thankful for the encouraging words, giving him confidence that he would become a superhero.

Becoming Kid Flash

When he was ten years old, Wally went to Central City for the summer to stay with his Iris, and met her boyfriend, Barry Allen. Barry decided to introduce Wally to his idol, showing him the Flash and the child asked the superhero how he got his powers. Upon hearing the origin story of Flash, Wally wished something like that could happen to him, but the hero dismissed it as a billion-to-one chance. However, Wally was given the powers of the speed force similar to how the Flash received his, being batched in the same electrified chemicals as lightning struck the cabinet that held Barry's lab.

The Flash told Wally to keep his powers a secret and gave him a Flash costume specially tailored to fit him and as well as a ring-like his own. Wally was then given the title of "Kid Flash", and the Flash taught him everything he knows about using their speed as an advantage, and about his rogue's gallery. The next day, Wally apprehended his first criminal, Mister Element after conquering his crippling fear of fire. Mister Element had stolen the Giardi Atom, and Wally followed the villain to the home of Ward Welling Weaver, who was the owner of the atomic model.

While in high school, Wally joined the Eta Pi fraternity, alongside his good friend, Tommy Elkin. The next summer, Barry revealed his secret identity to Wally, which surprised him since he always thought Barry was kind of boring. Later on, lightning struck and caused a matter transforming machine to transform Wally's costume into a yellow costume. Wally later became a founding member of the Teen Titans and became best friends with fellow founding member, Dick Grayson. Wally began taking classes at Taggert University, with his hopes of getting a doctorate in physics. In addition, Wally met Barry's best friend, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and became friends with him.

Despite his success, Wally being struck by lightning as a child, instead of a full-grown man, affected his body differently than it had Barry's. Wally was in great pain every time he used his super speed due to adolescence hitting him, and anytime he used the speed force, he was slowly dying. This caused Wally to quit his superhero career, due to feeling crippling pain anytime he used his powers.

Becoming the Flash

Barry died saving us. I want the Flash -- his Flash remembered. I began my super-speed career wearing his costume. I only changed to establish my own identity. I don't need that anymore. Jay, I am no longer Kid Flash. From this day forth -- The Flash lives again.
~ Wally taking the mantle of The Flash.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry sacrificed himself to destroy the Anti-Monitor's antimatter cannon, but an antimatter ray fired by the supervillain hit Wally at full force. While the ray knocked his speed down to that of sound, it also removed the malady that caused him intense pain. Jay Garrick informed that the ray cured his malady, allowing him to use his super-speed without having to worry about dying. Wally then took Barry's uniform and declared himself the Flash, just until Barry returned to take his mantle.

Despite declaring himself the new Flash, the rest of the population did not share Wally's feeling that Barry was still alive, and they didn't like the idea of him taking Barry's mantle. After being publicly embarrassed by Doctor Alchemy during a battle, Hal Jordan declared that he would Central City. Wally decided to don his Kid Flash costume once more, but he came to the realization that Barry wasn't coming back. Wally then saved Hal and Jay from Doctor Alchemy and was finally accepted as the Flash.

DC Rebirth

My name is Wally West. I'm the fastest man alive. But no one remembers that, once upon a time, I was The Flash, too.
~ Wally West.

After the events of DC Rebirth, Wally (who is from the Pre-52 universe) made his way to the New 52 Universe and revealed he was trapped in the Speed Force since the events of Flashpoint, and that someone had stolen ten years from everyone's timeline.

Powers and Abilities


  • Speed Force Conduit: Wally possesses the powers all Speed Force users to possess, such as superhuman speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability, as well as the ability to generate lightning and vacuums of airflow. He also possesses velocity sharpened senses and enhanced brain capacity. Wally is also able to steal the speed of others, as well as grant momentum to objects.


  • Master Martial Artist: Wally is a master martial artist, having received training from Barry Allen, Superman, and the Wizened Sage. He is also a master combatant, possessing a skill in various fighting styles such as boxing, judo, and kung fu.




  • In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, he was voiced by Josh Keaton.


  • In the DC Animated Universe, he was voiced by Michael Rossenbaum.
    • Rossenbaum reprised his role for the character in Teen Titans.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he was voiced by Hunter Parrish.
  • In Young Justice, he was voiced by Jason Spisak.
    • Spisak also voiced the character in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.
  • In Teen Titans Go!, he was voiced by Will Friedle.
  • In Robot Chicken, he was voiced by Seth Green.

Video Games

  • In Justice League Heroes and Justice League Heroes: The Flash, he was voiced by Chris Edgerly.



  • Ranked 6th on IGN's "Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics" list in 2013.
  • Ranked 8th on IGN's "Top 100 Super Heroes of All Time" list in 2011.
  • His forename was originally Walter, but it was replaced to Wallace in The Flash # 144.
  • On Earth-One, Wally's hair color was inconsistent, as it was initially red, but at some point it was brown in the Flash comics.


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