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The Flea is the tritagonist of ¡Mucha Lucha!

He was voiced by Candi Milo.


He has a certain disregard for personal hygiene. He also almost always refers to himself in the third person (though he has occasionally said "I", "me", "mine", or "my" at times). Flea's signature move is the "Blazing Turkey of Glory" in which he transforms into a turkey leg on fire. Most of his moves involve farting or are dirt themed. If he is to eat something "pure and clean" he is transformed into his own opposite, Bueno Flea. He is shown to be no match for his little sister Pulgita but she still has a close bond with The Flea. He is normally the cause or victim of some of the strangest and supernatural events such as "The evil masked toilet" and his unwashed hands causing an invasion of evil donuts. He is often mistaken for a very weak student, but if he is brave enough, he'll want to challenge Rikochet. Sometimes when the Flea is in trouble or is being knocked a far distance he normally yells out, "Zapatos de rata!" which literally means "shoes of rat" in Spanish.


He's shown to be very selfish at times. However he has also been shown as loyal to his friends at other times. He usually has no problem with breaking the rules, unlike his friends. The Flea is talkative, short-tempered, greedy, nervous, dim-witted, attention-seeking, proud, happy-go-lucky, loud, confident, silly, lively, emotional, flamboyant, hyperactive, reckless, naïve and rebellious. He used to be jealous of his sister Pulgita.

He is the most childlike out of the three main heroes.

Physical Appearance

It was revealed in three episodes that The Flea's costume is actually white, but it has turned brown because he never cleans it and prefers it unclean.