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Mr. Black and Mr. White's Boss, the General is the leader of the army base stationed within Oddville.


The General wears a uniform with cap, sunglasses, blazer, pants and dozens of badges and he holds a riding crop.

The General Johnny Test


Loud and forgetful, he frequently takes action whenever the situation becomes too large for the Kim and Ronnie to maintain, although his efforts never fare any better. He also may take action without Agents Black and White when something threatens the safety of the city (like new weaponry going haywire, or unknowingly targeting Robbie and Ivan in a robotic lake monster used by a con artist to capitalize on an old legend, although he sometimes doesn't know he is antagonizing the Gaudain kids). He is prone to overkill and rarely considers what result his actions may have on civilians, to the point he fired at a forest, an inhabited area, and even a place where many kids were playing in the aforementioned case. First Appeared In Johnny to the Center of the Earth.


  • He is rarely seen not wearing his glasses, only taking them off once in DBS (Diamond Broadcast Station).

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