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The Girl is the female main protagonist of The Seven year Itch played by the late Marilyn Monroe.

She is the beautiful former model and commercial actress who rents the apartment upstairs where Richard Sherman (played by Tom Ewell) lives. After the movie she and Tom went to see, She did a sexy skirt-blowing pose underneath the subway.

Role in Film:

At the beginning of the movie, a man named Richard Sherman sees a young woman at his doorstep who just moved into his apartment. Richard falls in love with the woman he sees, but has a problem; he's married! One day, she drops a planet outside of his apartment. This gives him a chance to know her. He invites her to his apartment for a drink.


She falls in love with Richard Sherman, the man who lives in her apartment with her.

Physical Appearance:

Throughout most of the movie, she was seen wearing many white dresses with high heels. She has short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears lipstick as makeup.


She's a sweet, young lady, especially when she's around men.


  • The dress she was wearing above became the most memorable scene in the movie, which made this effect occur a lot in the media of today.
  • Her film premiered on her actress's 29th birthday (June 1, 1955).
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