The Gods Of Tyria, are a pantheon of gods that are associated with the Religion of Tyria. They are the five gods that are responsible for the creating the World of Tyria, giving magic to the races, and created the Favor of The Gods. The most prominent members are Dwayna: The Leader, Balthazar, Grenth, Lyssa, and Melandru.

Other Names

They are known also by many names:

-Ancient Ones.

-Ancient Gods.

-The Five Gods(prior to Guild Wars:Nightfall).

-Old Gods.

-Six Gods(After Guild Wars:NightFall).

-True Gods.

-Tyrian Gods.


Dwayna - The Goddess of life and air, who is the leader of the Gods of Tyria. She is the patron goddess of Elementals, who specialize in air magic, and the healing monks.

Balthazar - The God of War and Fire, is another member of the Gods of Tyria. He is the patron god of warriors, Fire Elementals, Protection and Smiting Monks, and Command Paragons. He is often worshipped by warriors and elementals, though there are a few monks who also worship him. He is associated with honor and valor as well as the Griffons.

Grenth - The God of ice and death, and the patron god of Assassins, Necromancers, Water Elementals, and Ritualists.

Lyssa - The Twin Goddess of Beauty and Illusion. She is the Patron goddess of Assassins and Messmers. She is associated with energy, chaos, and the attributes of energy storage and mysticism.

Melandru - The Goddess of Earth and Nature. She is the Patron Goddess of Rangers and Earth Elementals.

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