The Gorg, is an alien species that appeared as the central antagonist of the 2015 DreamWorks film, Home. He is named The Gorg Commander. He is ruthless, vile, dangerous, savage, evil, feral, and bad. He is Smek's former leader and boss.


The Gorg Commander was the only Gorg left. The Boov thought his goal was to destroy every planet they go on, but near the end, it is revealed that he wanted the egg that Captain Smek stole from him.

Home (2015)

The Gorg was mentioned earlier on the film but first seen in a flashback with Captain Smek escaping from him and stealing the egg.

The Gorg appears later on seeing the invitation that Oh sent and starts to destroy the Boov until one of his mini ships lost the microchip that controls it, so Oh decides to use to help his fellow Boov escape him. Soon after Oh becomes the new captain, he curiously opens the stone and realizes that it was actually Smek who caused the Gorg to chase after them for so long, as so goes to stop the Gorg. The Gorg starts to break Earth apart, but when Oh shows him the stone, he stops, coming out of his mothership and showing his true identity as a small, harmless starfish-like alien, as well as his true nature as kind and caring, and all he wanted was the stone, which was actually an egg containing millions of Gorg larvae that Smek stole from him. It turns out he was the last Gorg in his species.


  • It is unknown why only one Gorg survived, and the others died out.



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