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The Grundles are a small race of troll like creatures led by King Hugo. They used to live in Grundleland before Hydia smoozed it and now reside in the remains of Dream Castle. They may look like monsters, but they are friendly type.


My Little Pony: The Movie

When Spike and Baby Lickety-Split are lost in the Underground Tunnels, they discovered a hidden city where five Grundles named Elvin, Jocko, Bartholomew, Vindie, along with their King Hugo appear in front of them, reassure them they are good guys, introduce themselves, tell about their past and help them get out caves to show their kingdom got smoozed and Hugo throws a fit and after calming down, ushers the two and the other Grundles to follow him to Dream Castle.

Then after escaping the Smooze, floating down a river on a log, and going into an enchanted forest with a well, Baby Lickety-Split regrets Running away from home and Spike, who's tail got Smoozed, cheers her up and discovers a voice repeating her lines, Hugo lowers a bucket down and the two and the grundles pull it up to reveal a Flutter Pony named Morning Glory, who agrees to help them and takes them to Flutter Valley where they convince Rostdust, her queen, to help the little ponies and the Grundles, with Hugo bowing to her.

After a long battle with the Smooze and the Witches, they were given Dream Castle to rebuild their Kingdom as a thanks for returning Spike and Baby Lickety Split to the Little Ponies. They have last seen waning goodbye to Megan, Danny, and Molly as they ride back home.

My Little Pony and Friends

They return in the episode "The Return of Tambelon" were Vindie was captured and the other four escape and they tell Megan and the Ponies they could dig their way in, but that fails when they were discovered by Grogar's Minions, the Troggles, but manged to escape. Hugo was Later captured and tells Paradise to take her time on remembering the bell. They were later seen escaping Tambelon with the others.

TV Series

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