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Zandor, Tara, & Dorno
The Herculoids are the main protagonists of the animated show of the same name. They battled to defend their planet from menaces on Amzot/Quasar and from outer space. All of the Herculoids displayed Human-level intelligence--employing precision teamwork and complex tactics--as well as emotions, and Zandor and Tara both displayed a working knowledge of complex alien technologies as well as the ability to pilot interstellar spacecraft.

When trouble arose, the team recruited a small army of exotic beasts: Gloop and Gleep, a pair of gelatinous shape-shifters; Igoo, an ape with rocklike skin; Tundro, a rhino-triceratops-like creature that could shoot burning rocks from its horn, and Zok, a flying dragon capable of firing laser beams from its eyes and tail.

Team Members

  • Zandor is the protector of Amzot/Quasar, and leader of The Herculoids.
  • Tara is Zandor's wife, as well as his second-in-command.
  • Dorno is the son of Zandor and Tara. Despite being their son, he still refers to them by their first names, rather than "Mother" and "Father." However this changed in the 80's revival of the series.

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