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The Hero of Light is the current character from the titular game BS The Legend of Zelda, the player can choose the Mascot or the Girl to fight the forces of evil and save Zelda who was been kidnapped, the patch was so popular to replace the Mascot and the Girl with Link and Zelda. The Mascot and the Girl appeared in flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover along with Zelda, Link, Cecil, Old Man, Dark Link and other characters of the Hero of Time.

The Hero of Light can a male or a female depending of the player's choice, however, The Hero of Light has the same powers as Link have in the games, The Hero of Light can be replaced with Link and Zelda after installing a patch on BS The Legend of Zelda. In The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets, The BS-X Mascots make their appearence to stop Ganon from conquering Hyrule. But the player can install a patch pack to replace the BS-X mascots with Link and Impa, even Saria and Malon.

The BS-X mascots return to the flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover in Link characters along with Dark Link, Old Man and Cecil, even Princess Zelda.


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