The Illegals' Insignia used to mark their hideouts and other safezones.

The Illegals are a survivor faction in Dead Rising 3.

Within and without the city of Los Perdidos people who are infected must register with the government, and have a GPS Zombrex chip installed inside of their bodies. This will alert the government when a dose has been given to make sure things are under control.

The Illegals on the other hand are infected people who are not chipped, and instead live off the grid while finding their own Zombrex without chips. Their reason of rejection towards Zombrex chips is because they feel it's an invasion of privacy.


Name Position Status
Ronald Jackson Leader Deceased
Katey Greene Affiliate and member Alive
Angel Quijano Affiliate and member Deceased
Doug Trent Affiliate and member Unknown
Lauren Staples Affiliate and member Unknown
Anna Hong Affiliate and member Unknown
Winnie Lee Affiliate and member, but not infected Unknown
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The Illegals

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