The Lab Rats

The Lab Rats are the titular protagonists of the Disney XD TV show of the same name.  They are a team of 3 teenage siblings with bionic superpowers known as Chase, Adam, and Bree Davenport, the 3 children of Donald Davenport who is their father. but were engineered by Douglas Davenport. They later split into 2 groups with Adam and Leo going back to the Acadamy and Bree and Chase starting The Elite Force with Oliver, Kaz and Skylar.

Powers and Abilities

Chase's Powers:

  • Super Intelligence: His main bionic power, Chase has larger brain capacity, making him incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable in many fields, including science, math, law, circuitry and combat, and he can easily decrypt foreign languages and codes. He is also a capable strategist. Without his chip, he only has average intelligence, but he can come up with a rough idea of how to solve problems. Despite this, every time he is without his super intelligence, he feels almost helpless. Most of the bionic apps he uses requires his super-intelligence. His brain is like a computer, as it is able to upload and download data and allow Chase to instantly learn whatever he wants by searching for it on the internet. He instantly learned how to play electric guitar, and could shred it like an experienced hard rock musician a millisecond after scanning an electric guitar and identifying all skills of playing it. He is highly coordinated, so learning physical skills is impossibly easy for him.
  • Mental Database: Chase possesses an incredible and extensive mental database; using it, he can match things that he sees and quickly identify them. It holds information like fingerprints (Quarantined), paintings (Hole In One) and people.
  • Fingerprint Recognition AppChase can scan the fingerprints from anyone off of his database. (Quarantined) (Taken)
  • Facial Recognition: This is shown in The Bionic 500 when he scans Joey Logano and searches his database to find a match.
  • Senses Recording: He can record what he hears or sees and plug it into a flash-drive slot to replay it. (Leo's Jam, Drone Alone) His eyes can also be used as video cameras. (Sink or Swim)
  • Bionic GPS: Chase can track cell signals using his bionics. (Speed Trapped) This also means, however, that his chip signal, (and also Adam and Bree's) can be used to track their location if he does not disable this ability.
  • Viewing Screen: Chase can project a holographic screen and use it to see multiple locations. (Quarantined) He can also use it to project other holograms (Sink or Swim).
  • Hacking: Chase can remotely hack computers. (Speed TrappedNight of the Living Virus) It is unknown if there are any limitations on what he can use this ability to hack.
  • Mathematical Analysis: Chase can calculate angles and other complicated mathematics almost instantly. He uses this ability to calculate the right trajectory to throw a football in Commando App, and again in Speed Trapped to calculate at which angle Adam should throw his force field. In Spike Fright, he uses this ability to show off in front of Sabrina while they are working on their school project.
  • Chemical Analysis: A type of scanning ability that allows him to scan an object and identify the chemical composition of it. It also allows him to identify if there are any foreign substances in the object. Presumably this is by comparing information from his database about the normal chemical composition of that particular type of object to what he actually finds in the scan.
  • Thermal Scanning: It is demonstrated in You Posted What?!? that he is able to conduct thermal scans.
  • Speed Reading: In Spider Island, Chase speed read one of Bree's books, probably due to his super intelligence and computer-like mental abilities.
  • Scan Vision: It allows him to scan an object and then look through it. It is a form of X-ray vision. It has been shown it is possible to counteract this ability and stay hidden by using the Invisibility cloak Donald made in Mission Invisible. This ability is seen in Memory Wipe. He uses it to scan the inside of the house for Tasha or Donald after they come home 2 hours late after curfew.
    • Bionic Eye: Chase's right eye has a viewing screen and scanner.
  • Microscopic Vision: In Llama Drama he uses this ability to see where the nanobots we're going to in the llama's body. He also mentions this ability in First Day of Bionic Academy while bragging to Sebastian.
  • Sonar Vision: Through his GPS, Chase can create powerful sonar, to track objects under water. (Sink or Swim)
  • Mental Link: Chase is able to send information to Adam, Bree, and the bionic soldiers in a method similar to an email. (Sink or Swim) He could also transmit software he creates, as he created and transmitted another doomsday virus and sent it to all the soldiers to shut down their bionic infrastructure as if they were dead.
    • Override App He can take over Adam, Bree, or any bionic soldier remotely, but only in an emergency situation. It seems to be most often used to shut down his siblings' bionics, but he also controlled what Bree did and said against her will. (Death Spiral SmackdownSink or Swim) It's later revealed that his override app was designed to link his bionics with others, and create a weapon of last resort. Chase cannot override anyone being controlled by another override app. While there is no limit as to how many bionic soldiers he can control at a time, he can only connect with them one by one. If Chase assumes control on several bionic subjects at once, it will cause them to synchronize their movements instead of doing what Chase tells them.

[1]Chase's bionic eye.

  • Force Field: One of his more used bionic abilities, Chase is capable of creating a shield to protect himself and others. Chase can also extend his force field to encompass other objects, but in this case it must stem from his hands. After long periods of time of being around gamma rays, his force field melts. (Twas The Mission Before Christmas).
    • Force Field Ball: Chase's Force Field Ball. He can shrink his force field into a ball and use it as a weapon to throw. (Speed Trapped) Since his force field has changed, it is unknown if this bionic ability still works
  • Commando AppWhen Chase senses an imminent threat, his personality temporarily changes into a highly aggressive, "fearless brute" Donald likes to call Spike. When the Commando App is activated, Chase is stronger than Adam; able to bend a metal rod, throw a normal person across the room, and tear metal like paper. He does not, however, have the super strength that comes from this ability when it is not activated. While it is activated he can't use his other abilities. After the app is deactivated, Chase can't remember anything he did while it was active. As seen below, it often glitches on if he gets very nervous or angry.
  • Super Senses: Chase possesses superhuman sight, hearing, and smell.
  • Super Durability: Like his siblings, Chase can withstand significantly more punishment than normal humans. Lasers that would kill normal people only stun him. He's also able to take one of Adam's super strong punches and only be bruised. Another good example is in Bionic Showdown when he fell from a high bridge onto his back and was able to walk it off in a matter of seconds. He was also able to shake off one of Adam's eye laser blasts. (Sink or Swim)
    • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: In Rats on a Train, Donald says that thanks to genetic engineering, Adam, Bree and Chase are more suited to handle extreme climates. However, there's a limit to how much he can survive, as Chase almost froze to death in Antarctica.
  • Magnetism App: Chase turns his hands into a powerful magnet attracting metal objects. (Chore Wars) He can also use it to deflect metal. (Sink or Swim) He can also use it to reverse polarity, he used it when fighting the android Troy West. (Bionic Action Hero) He uses the ability to control knives. (The Curse of the Screaming Skull)
  • Laser Bo Chase's fist can generate a laser bo staff that is very useful during combat, it is strong enough to knock Adam through the air. (Brother Battle)
  • Molecularkinesis: In Mission: Space, it was revealed that Chase can manipulate the molecules around an object. This allows him to move almost anything with his mind, although it does have limits depending on the size and weight of the object, and if there is any resistance, (another force pushing against it in the other direction.)
  • (The Bionic 500)
  • Levitation: Another one of Chase's hidden abilities; in "Bionic Showdown," Chase demonstrates the power to levitate and uses it to kick Marcus in the chest. He says he discovered this ability in the shower.
  • Two Simultaneous AbilitiesThough technically not an actual ability, Chase, (and also Adam and Bree if they choose to do so,) can use two abilities simultaneously. However, it is dangerous to try as it puts too much stress on their nervous systems, which can kill them. On both occasions that he does this, it causes him to pass out. (Sink or Swim)\

Non-Bionic Abilities

  • Physical Attributes/Physical Conditioning: Although nowhere near the levels of his siblings, Chase possesses higher strength, speed and reflexes than a normal person. He is capable of even beating Adam in combat, or in arm wrestling despite Adam being stronger than him. He is also shown to be very agile, though he doesn't have super agility like Bree.
  • Leadership: Chase has shown on more than one occasion that he has great leadership skills. In addition, he is often chosen to lead missions.
  • Bravery: Chase is shown to be very brave like his siblings, and will do what he can for others, regardless of the potential cost to himself.
  • Martial Arts/Hand-to-Hand Combat: Chase uses his super intelligence to study combat among many other things, which has given him martial arts abilities for battling.
  • Interrogation Resistance Training: It is mentioned in You Posted What?!? that Chase and his siblings have all been trained in interrogation resistance by Donald.
  • Strategic Planning/Tactician: Chase easily overpowered and escaped from the android that tried to rip out his chip.

Adam's Powers:

  • Super Strength: Although all of the lab rats seem to be somewhat stronger than normal people, Adam is the strongest of them all. Strength is his primary power; he can do things such as effortlessly lift another person, catch a ventilation fan, smash a boulder the size of a car to rubble with a single punch,easy crush a ball with his strong,powerful hands, or even stop a bullet train. He is not discomforted by heavy weight or a need to balance large objects, holding them one-handedly without dropping them. The only known materials hard enough to resist Adam's super strength are carbonex and ultra strength titanium. However, he was able to accidentally knock out The Crusher, who is the strongest man in the universe, by flinging a dumbbell backwards and it hitting him in the head.
  • Heat Vision: He can produce heat rays that shoot from his eyes. He can apparently control the intensity, as he has used this ability for a variety of uses, ranging from wielding metal to simply heating food. His eyes turn red immediately before using this power. He can fire extremely potent laser, or fire beams from his eyes.
  • Super Durability: Adam is more durable than a normal person; lasers that would kill a normal person will only stun him. However, he's not invincible, and can still be harmed by excessive force. It is shown in another reality, that he was killed by a large, collapsing ceiling.
  • Plasma Grenades: Adam can shoot balls of electricity from his hands (although it was only shown three times - Crush, Chop and BurnAir Leo, and The Jet-Wing). However, the only times he has been witnessed using this ability were during glitches.
  • Blast Wave: In the episode Bionic Showdown, when Marcus was about to kill Leo, Adam becomes infuriated and gains the energy for the blast that nearly kills Marcus. When first accessing this power, his voice became momentarily deeper and a bit shaky, so it may have been difficult to control. This ability was hidden until this episode. In the episode No Going Back, when Adam uses it in school to break the X-Ray machine, Principal Perry mistook the shock wave it created for an earthquake. In the episode The Jet-Wing, he glitched due to not being in his capsule for a long time and destroyed the school's water cooler with this power. 

    • Voice Mimicry: Adam displays this bionic ability in Bionic Showdown, when he activated his blast wave, his voice dropped and lower similar to Chase's Commando App.

  • Underwater Breathing: As shown in Sink or Swim, Adam can breathe underwater for a prolonged amount of time. His ability, Pressurized Lung Capacity, is related to this.
  • Mental Link: Adam is able to receive information from Chase mentally, in a method similar to sending an email. He describes the process as tingling. (Sink or Swim)
  • ===Non-Bionic Abilities===
  • Martial Arts: Though preferring to use his bionics in a fight, Adam is trained in hand-to-hand combat, much like his siblings.
  • Quick Thinking: Though rarely seen, Adam has shown to, on occasion, have good ideas and be a fast thinker, especially during missions, such as in Mission: Space, when he said that he would use his heat vision to close the hole as an alternative. His quick thinking can also be seen in Missin' The MissionSpeed TrappedLeo vs EvilNo Going BackSink or Swim, and The Curse of the Screaming Skull.
  • Bravery: Adam is very brave in the face of adversary and is willing to give himself for others.
  • Interrogation Resistance Training:  It is mentioned in You Posted What?!? that Adam and his siblings have all been trained in interrogation resistance by Donald. It proved useful when Perry interrogated him.
  • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: In Rats on a Train, Donald says that thanks to genetic engineering, Adam, Bree and Chase are more suited to handle extreme climates.

Bree's Powers:

  • Super Speed: Bree's main bionic ability is to move at inhuman speeds, to the point where she sometimes can't be seen by others. She can run over four hundred miles an hour. According to Leo she can run at the speed of sound, which is 761.21 mph. (Which Father Knows Best), however, in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, she stated herself that she can run 500 miles per hour. Also, in Drone Alone she went from California to New Jersey and back in about a minute, which would require speeds up to 240,000 miles per hour. So it is unknown how fast she can exactly run. However, it is shown that she apparently does not experience extreme amounts of force, lack of breathable air, or extreme temperatures while moving at super speed, allowing her to even take people with her, with the only effects on their part being great discomfort due to strong winds and possible motion sickness.
    • Mental Navigation System: Bree can tell where to go when she uses her super speed. (Drone Alone)
    • Speed Blast: When her abilities were amped up she was able to blast enemies with her speed blast.
    • Speed FightingShe and Taylor speed fight in You Posted What?!?. Her speed hits give her[2]Bree speedfighting with Taylor in You Posted What?!? Her inhuman force that compensates for her lack of bionic strength.
    • Speed Talking: She can talk super fast. She explained the plot of an episode in "2" seconds.  (Chore Wars and Mission Invisible)
    • Speed Typing: Bree can type at rapid speeds, and according to her, she can type all of the words that exist in a minute. (Dude, Where's My Lab?)
    • Sonic Cyclone: When Bree spins around fast enough, she can make a sonic cyclone or whirlwind. (Leo's Jam and Mission Invisible).
    • Speed Drawing/Painting: Bree can draw or paint with her super speed as shown in Hole In One.
    • Vacuum Generation: Bree can run in circles fast enough, Bree can create a vacuum, sucking small objects inside (Spy Fly). Also, in Back From the Future, Chase told her to create a vacuum to slow the collider down.
  • Super Jump: When something is in Bree's way, she can jump over it easily. She's also able to jump onto ceilings and adhere to them without any support. (Mission Invisible)
    • Wall Sticking: She can stick to walls, but is still affected by gravity. (Mission Invisible)
  • Super Agility: Bree has a lot of acrobatics that make her effective when she's fighting, it was first shown when she aerial cartwheeled in Bionic Birthday Fail.
  • Vocal Manipulation: In the episode Bro Down, it was revealed that Bree can manipulate her vocal chords to mimic other people's voices and make different sound effects. She also uses it in Trucked Out and Which Father Knows Best?.
  • Super Durability: Like her brothers, Bree can with stand significantly more punishment than normal humans. Lasers that can kill normal people and cut them in half can only stun her. (Night of the Living Virus)
    • Resistance to Extreme Climates: In Rats on a Train, Donald says that thanks to genetic engineering, Adam, Bree and Chase are more suited to handle extreme climates.
  • Invisibility: Douglas gave her the ability to turn invisible. (Brother Battle). She used her invisibility to turn invisible when she snuck into Troy West's dressing room and found out his plans in Bionic Action Hero.
  • Martial Arts: Like her brothers, she knows martial arts. She used her martial arts to fight Giselle VickersLexiMarcus, and Taylor.
  • Bravery: Bree is very brave and willing to give herself for the sake of others, In Bionic Showdown, when Chase was trying to hold on to the railing, she fought Marcus and to save Chase.
  • Great Aiming/Markswoman: As shown in Bionic Showdown and Spider Island, Bree has exceptionally good aim.
  • Girl Tears: In Left Behind, Bree uses this ability to make Donald not punish her. Bree says this is stronger than any bionic ability. (Note: this ability hasn't been shown to work).
  • Interrogation Resistance Training:  It is mentioned in You Posted What?!? that Bree and her siblings have all been trained in interrogation resistance by Donald.  
  • Uncontrollable Navigation: When she gets nervous, she runs around randomly. (Leo's Jam)
  • Scrambled Navigation: Her mental navigation system is messed up when exposed to the LEMP. (Drone Alone)
  • Disabled Joints/Disabled Muscles/Numbing Tongue/Uncontrollable Movement: When exposed to neurothroxin, Bree goes through this, and if not cured in 24 hours, it becomes permanent. (Quarantined)
  • Uncontrollable Voice Manipulation: When Bree gets nervous, when she talks, she will say things in different random voices and noises. (Bro Down)  When she loses her temper, it will manifest involuntarily and become inhumanly deep.  
  • Glitching Eyes: In Trent Gets Schooled, it is revealed that she wasn't used to the flash on the camera, making her eyes turn into a shiny shade of black.
  • Overuse: Its revealed that if Bree keeps running at top speed for too long, her heart rate will eventually get too high, and kill her. (Which Father Knows Best)
  • New Chip Fix 1 - Flying Upward: When Davenport fixed Bree's chip first, her super speed made her fly upward and on the ceiling. (Which Father Knows Best)
  • New Chip Fix 2 - Running Backwards: When Davenport attempted to fix her chip a second time, her super speed made her run backwards. (Which Father Knows Best )
  • Doomsday Virus: Because Bree had the Triton App, it also came with a doomsday virus that Krane installed. If Krane got killed, the virus would activate after six months and would cause him to self-destruct after ten hours.

Leo's Powers: In You Posted What?!?, Douglas recreates Leo's right arm with bionic technology, replacing damaged parts of it with bionic components. Leo's right forearm is bionic and all bionic abilities Leo has are in his arm, as he has no bionics fully integrated into his nervous system, as his bionics are not directly connected to his brain or in his neck. Douglas made a remote deactivation function to control Leo's abilities. In Space Elevator, Donald recreates Leo's left leg with bionic technology (superhuman strength) because it was broken by the elevator and he was afraid he couldn't go on any missions.

  • Laser Sphere Generation: In You Posted What?!?, according to Douglas, Leo can generate laser energy and form them into laser spheres from his fingers and shoot them from his hand. This is also Leo's main bionic ability as being the one he uses the most. It is also strong enough to knock out Krane and they can set things on fire. The laser bolts can knock out powerful bionic humans, such as Taylor, or even Krane as stated above, or blast objects to pieces or blast aside metal.
    • EMP Generation: Leo discovered a brand new bionic ability where he can combine laser spheres with another bionic person (usually Taylor) to generate an EMP to knock out any electrical equipment.
  • Superhuman Strength: Just like his big brother Adam, Leo's arm and leg are shown to have superhuman strength. In You Posted What?!?, he accidentally used his arm to crush Perry's hand, making it become swollen. in Armed and Dangerous, Leo uses his bionic strength to lift up the couch with one hand without visible strain in a similar manner to how Adam lifted it one-handedly. Also, like Adam, he was not visibly discomforted by the weight of the couch and balanced it well in his hand. In Bionic Rebellion, Leo used his super strength to throw Tank out of the window. However, some metals take him a while to break with his arm. In Space Elevator, Donald gives Leo's Left leg super strength because it was broken by the elevator, and he was afraid he couldn't go on any missions. In Space Elevator, Leo used his leg to kick the basketball at a great stance and when it bounced back it knocked Donald down. In The Vanishing, his bionic leg was shown to be stronger then his bionic arm, being able to tear through steel wall, something his bionic arm only put a small dent in.
  • Energy Transference: This is one of Leo hidden abilities until Rise of the Secret Soldiers. Douglas unlocks this ability for him to fight the bionic army. This ability can absorb any type of energy source and it can be used medically (though this is highly discouraged due to the life-risks). Leo defeated Taylor for the first time with this ability. While Leo used the ability to heal Donald, it's not clear if it can be used to bring a dead person back to life. He can also absorb kinetic energy, which was how Leo was able to catch the falling space elevator.

Non-Bionic Abilities

  • Peak Human Reflexes: Before he had bionics, Leo had reflexes that are far superior than the average person, which allows him to easily dodge and/or deflect laser bolts (even from weapons geared to destroy super humans and controlled by a supercomputer), and redirect those laser bolts to strike even small targets with pinpoint accuracy (as he demonstrated in Night of the Living Virus and The Rats Strike Back). He says that he developed those reflexes because of his lifelong love of playing video games. His reflexes might come to the fact that he's short and light weighted.
  • Bravery: Despite his childish attitudes, Leo has a strong sense of courage. In Back From The Future, he didn't hesitate to push all three siblings to safety when they were nearly killed by falling debris (almost being killed himself), and in Missin' the Mission, he went into a dangerous situation to help Mr. Davenport stop a toxic gas leak (while Adam, Bree and Chase were being kept in detention at Mission Creek High School by Principal Perry). Leo also stood up to Marcus, even after being threatened with Marcus's laser vision. In Taken, Leo stood up against Douglas, thinking he was the threat. In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, he was able to battle Taylor, whom he was once afraid of.
  • Peak Human Intelligence: While liable to make foolish decisions, Leo is actually quite intelligent due to experience working with Donald in the Lab, though he's nowhere near as intelligent as a doctor, and is more knowledgeable in technology than in other fields. In school, he's the smart kid. In Scramble the Orbs, he successfully designs programs and is able to build floating, spherical, robotic bodyguards, however, he forgot to give them the capabilities to tell the difference between a real threat and a playful one.
    • Multilingualism: Leo can speak Spanish and Chinese, though he's bad at French.
    • Wise Cracking: Leo usually defends himself with smart remarks and sassy comments.
  • Martial Arts: It is shown that Leo can use martial arts like the Lab Rats, though it seems he can only use martial arts when he was bionic. However, in Taken he used it to try to take down Douglas, who points out how bad Leo is at it.
    • Skilled Fire-Staff Fighter: In Alien Gladiators, he is seen beating many competitors in the competition even the most skilled ones. He is a formidable fire-staff warrior and even defeated Donald Davenport, who is very skilled in martial arts, weaponry and fire-staff, itself.
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