Legendaries united one day, Legendaries united always!
~ The band's best-known slogan

The Legendaries are the main superhero group in the comic strip of the same name.Their goal is to protect Alysia from all threats, but are hated by the entire population since the Accident Jovénia, an incident that rejuvenated the entire population. Towards middle-story, the group is completely defeated by Anathos and changes considerably.


The Legendaries are a group, originally of 5 people, founded to defeat Darkhell and his daughter.After the wizard's defeat, the group was reformed 2 years later to defeat the Jovenia Accident and then abandoned this objective after the return of Anathos who killed Danaël and mutilated the vigilantes. The group still performs various acts before all of them die because of Kalandre's fault.



  • Darkhell (former arch-nemesis)
  • Ténébris (formerly)
  • Kalandre
  • Dynameïs
  • Anathos
  • Skroa
  • Eternity
  • Sheibah
  • Razorcat
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