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The Legendary Chalice is a major supporting character in the 2017 shoot 'em up Cuphead. She is a specter who haunts the three mausoleums located across the Inkwell Isles who will grant Cuphead and Mugman special abilities should they defeat all the ghosts inside each of the mausoleums. She later becomes a playable character in the DLC "The Delicious Last Course" as Ms Chalice.

In The Cuphead Show!, she will be voiced by Grey Griffin, who also voices Mandy, Kitty Katswell, Yumi Yoshimura, Wubbzy and Puppycorn.


The Legendary Chalice is a golden, anthropomorphic chalice (often confused for a trophy). She has a blue body and a straw-like halo above her head, indicating that she is deceased. There is a beauty mark located on her left cheek. She wears white gloves with golden cuffs and red lipstick.

A statue of her located in "Rugged Ridge" that portrays her while she was alive indicates that she also wore a toga and high heels.


The Legendary Chalice is wise and helpful. She is notably generous as evidenced by the fact that she willing grants Cuphead and Mugman special abilities after they save her inside each of the mausoleums.


The Legendary Chalice can be found inside three mausoleums within the Inkwell Isles, one in each respective section.

Inside, she will call out for help from the brothers inside an urn, which the brothers must defend from hostile ghosts. The ghosts will not harm the brothers, but they can only be defeated by parrying them, as indicated by their pink colors.  Each mausoleum introduces different ghosts that have different movement patterns or require multiple parries in order to defeat them.

Once all the ghost have been defeated, The Legendary Chalice will emerge from the urn. She will thank the brothers for their help and grant them one special ability known as a "Super Art".

She is later revived in "The Delicious Last  Course" DLC as the playable character as Ms. Chalice where she is now the same age as Cuphead and Mugman.


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