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The Little Prince is the titular main protagonist of the 2015 animated adaptation of the book of the late Antoine de Saint-Exupéry of the same name.

He is voiced by Mark Osborne (the realisator of the film)'s son Riley Osborne.


The Little Prince is a small boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He is wearing a green vest and baggy green pants, with a yellow belt and scarf. He also wears black shoes.


He is very curious, in fact his curiosity leads him to his journey across his universe. He is also very friendly towards other people. During his travel, he met the Aviator and he asks him to draw a sheep: their friendship begins.

He finds the adults/grown-ups "very, very odd" because they are totally different with him. But when he was bitten by the Snake, he forgets everything and possibly taken by the Businessman and became a grown-up named Mr. Prince .

The Little Prince

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