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The Loud Family (also called Louds) are a large family consisting of thirteen members and the titular main protagonists of The Loud House.


The group consists: a middle child and an only son named Lincoln, cellphone addict Lori, ditzy Leni, wild rocker Luna, comedian and prankster Luan, athletic and tomboy Lynn Jr., emo Lucy, tomboy and animal lover Lana, spoiled Lola, brilliant Lisa, and a baby Lily. The family is headed by Lynn Loud Sr., and Rita Loud who are father and mother of the family respectively.


  • Lincoln Loud is an 11-year-old (12-year-old in season 5-present) boy with white hair, who is the middle child and the only son of the Loud family. Lincoln has a passion for comic books, in particular his favorite superhero Ace Savvy which has a playing card theme. Lincoln has other talents like cooking, playing video games, and helping his younger sister Lola in preparing for her pageants as her coach. Lincoln wears an orange polo shirt, blue jeans, gray socks, and white sports shoes. A recurring trait throughout the series involves Lincoln breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience about surviving with all of his sisters as well as considering himself the "man with a plan." He tries to give helpful advice when dealing with sibling relationships.
  • Lori Loud is the 17-year-old (18-year-old in season 5-present) eldest child of the Loud family. While Lori is depicted as a bossy, and short-tempered teenager who is condescending towards her younger siblings, she cares deeply about her family. Lori wears a light blue tank top, brown cargo shorts, blue slip-on shoes, and white pearl earrings. As the only Loud child with a driver's license, she usually forces her siblings to do errands for her in exchange for being transported somewhere. She is also shown to frequently have intense flatulence which she denies claiming that the sound was made by her shoes or another object like loose floorboards or a car seat. Lori is highly-skilled at playing golf and was the first student in her school to join the golf varsity team as a freshman. She also has a long-distance sweetheart named Bobby Santiago.
  • Leni Loud is the 16-year-old (17-year-old in season 5-present) second child of the Loud family who is Lori's former roommate. Leni wears a turquoise dress, red hoop earrings, white slip-on sandals, and white sunglasses on top of her head. She is almost always seen wearing sunglasses on top of her head and often goes shopping at the Royal Woods Mall. She has a fear of spiders that is referenced in multiple episodes, most notably "Along Came a Sister". Along with Luna, she has the best relationship with Lincoln of his older sisters. Leni occasionally fights with Lori over things such as clothes. Leni is able to get a job at Reininger's Department Store at the Royal Woods Mall folding them. She does not have a driver's license nor does she know how to drive Vanzilla in "Driving Miss Hazy", but Lana's "Listen Out Loud" podcast reveals that she is now able to drive it.
  • Luna Loud is the 15-year-old (16-year-old in season 5-present) third child of the Loud family. She wears a purple shirt, a lavender skirt, a white belt, high purple boots, paperclip earrings, 3 black bracelets, and a choker. She is depicted as a wild and upbeat guitarist who owns and plays various instruments, with her signature instrument being a purple Dean ML electric guitar. Luna's idol is a rock singer named "Mick Swagger", she closely follows his words as she got her passion for music when she was young by attending one of his concerts. Her passion for music has had a negative side as shown in the episode "For Bros About to Rock", where it is revealed that she unintentionally "ruined" her siblings' first concerts. The episodes "Study Muffin" and "L is for Love" revealed that Luna is bisexual as she is shown to be attracted to Lincoln's male tutor Hugh, and a female classmate named Sam Sharp. Luna's siblings are aware that Sam is female, and are supportive of Luna's crush on her. Showrunner Michael Rubiner said that "with 10 girls in the family", the crew felt natural "to explore one of them being LGBTQ". As of the episode "Racing Hearts", Luna and Sam are officially dating.
  • Luan Loud is the 14-year-old (15-year-old in season 5-present) fourth child of the Loud family and the roommate of Luna. She is depicted as the comedian of the house, with most of her dialogue consisting of bad puns that annoy her siblings. Luan wears a white sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt, yellow socks, brown shoes, and 3 pink flowers. Every April Fools' Day, she becomes a sadistic prank-obsessed maniac which leaves her family and Clyde in complete fear of the holiday. While she pulls mostly successful pranks, the tables are turned sometimes to effect her as seen in the episodes "Fool's Paradise" and "Fool Me Twice." Luan also has other talents which include being an expert birthday clown, juggler, magician, mime artist, and ventriloquist where she owns a dummy named Mr. Coconuts. It is often shown that Luan gets jealous of her other siblings at times, an example being the episode "Funny Business" where Lincoln begins to overshadow her as a birthday clown. Luan has a developing relationship with a fellow classmate named Benny as shown in the episode "Stage Plight" where they kiss in Mrs. Bernardo's production of Romeo & Juliet.
  • Lynn Loud Jr. is the 13-year-old (14-year-old in season 5-present) athletic fifth child of the Loud family. She tends to start competitions among her siblings and plays a large number of different sports. Lynn is very superstitious as she doesn't want anything to ruin her winning streaks and makes various assumptions for each superstition. She wears a red and white Jersey, red-and-white track shorts, black cleats, and white high-knee socks. Unlike Lori, Lynn is not insecure when she passes gas. She does not hesitate to burp out loud or to try things such as a dutch oven on Lincoln. In the episode "Middle Men", it is revealed that Lynn developed a brash personality when she started middle school as she was bullied throughout her first day. Lynn is shown to have made at least one friend named Margo Roberts, who is a teammate on some of her sports teams.
  • Lucy Loud is the 8-year-old (9-year-old in season 5-present) seventh child of the Loud family and Lynn Jr's roommate. She wears long arm sleeves, stockings, a black dress, a shirt, and black shoes. Lucy has pale white skin and long black hair with bangs that cover her eyes and looks identical to the Loud children's great-grandmother Harriet. Lucy seems to appear out of nowhere at times which often frightens her siblings when she pops up near them. She is also a fortune-teller, whose predictions turn out to happen in a very literal manner. At school, Lucy is a part of the Morticians' Club with students who have similar traits as her. Lucy has a bust of the vampire Edwin who is from her favorite book and TV series The Vampires of Melancholia. While she pledges to be with Edwin in the afterlife, her crush is Rusty Spokes' brother Rocky Spokes.
  • Lana Loud is the 6-year-old (7-year-old in season 5-present) eighth child of the Loud family. Lana is the identical twin sister of her roommate Lola and was born two minutes before her as shown in the episode "Ties That Bind." She wears mostly a red baseball cap, white sneakers, a murky green t-shirt and dark blue overalls. Lana is depicted as a tomboy who loves to play in the mud and get her hands dirty. Lana is a skilled handy worker, plumber, and mechanic who loves animals (mostly frogs and reptiles) that she will defend from any possible harm. She also has a close bond with her sister Lola, who she hangs out and works together with. Throughout the series, she is shown to act like a dog as she eats either trash or dog food. It is stated by Leni and Lincoln in Leni's Listen Out Loud podcast that the family buys her food and toys at the pet shop.
  • Lola Loud is the 6-year-old (7-year-old in season 5-present) ninth child of the Loud family and the identical twin sister of her roommate Lana. Lola is depicted as a "Princess" who plots and schemes to get her way, and becomes maniacal if her siblings or anyone else angers her in any way. She is mostly seen wearing a long pink gown, sash, a white pearl necklace, long pink gloves, white earrings, pink high heels, and a tiara. Lola is constantly entered in child beauty pageants. Lola is shown to constantly tattletale out loud on her siblings (mostly Lincoln) when they confess quietly to what they did. Underneath her selfish and mean-spirited demeanor, she is shown to be forgiving and affectionate to others and self-admits to being a "crazy pants" sometimes. There is a running gag that shows Lola's strength exaggerated in a comedic way when she gets angry, such as single-handedly subduing her older sister Lori. Both she and Lana use a pink jeep as their mode of transportation around Royal Woods.
  • Lisa Loud is the 4-year-old (5-year-old in season 5-present) 10th child of the Loud family. Lisa is a child prodigy and gifted child who has a Ph.D. but is currently in kindergarten by her own choice. Lisa enjoys solving complex equations, math problems, and performing elaborate experiments where she often uses her unaware siblings and Clyde as test subjects. She wears glasses, an olive green turtleneck sweater, dark pink pants, and brown loafers. Lisa often uses formal and detailed terms to refer to basic things before saying it in layman's terms. She often tends to be quite reckless and unethical with her experiments but is a good-hearted girl down to her core. A running gag is that some of Lisa's beakers filled with compound mixtures tend to explode, which provokes many alterations in her body such as occasional mutations. She is also a fan of west coast rap music and is very good at breakdancing. Despite her intellect, Lisa greatly struggles with simple things such as arts and crafts due to having stubby fingers and forming friendships with others. Some of Lisa's inventions consist of but are not limited to an assortment of robots, Gloweos (cookies infused with the bioluminescent DNA of the Aequorea victoria that make the consumer glow in the dark for a short time), a Urine Detector liquid that removes urine from bodies of water, Gravity Shoes that enable her to walk on the ceiling, a chocolate fountain that started out as a nuclear fusion device, a compatibility machine used to match up two people, robotic kangaroo legs to go with Lisa and Lily's shared kangaroo costume, lie-detecting cameras that worked too well, and a chemical analysis machine.
  • Lily Loud is the 1-year-old (2-year-old in season 5-present) baby of the Loud family as well as the 11th child. She is mostly seen wearing only a diaper and is babysat by Lincoln on several occasions. She has a habit of losing her diaper causing her to go naked and also causing her fellow siblings to put her diaper back on. The only phrase Lily generally says aside from gibberish is "poo-poo", generally coupled with her diaper flying across the screen or needing a diaper change. Lily shares a room with Lisa and sometimes her gibberish can be translated by some of her siblings. Around the end of "Washed Up," Lily is the only one who sees Lake Eddy's residential cryptid Plessy which Lincoln and Lucy were wanting to find. In "Any Given Sundae," Lily tries her first ice cream and enjoys it despite some setbacks.


  • Lincoln got his name from E Lincoln Avenue in Royal Oak, where the show's creator Chris Savino grew up.
  • Lori, Lynn Jr., Luan, Lana and Lisa are named after Savino's five sisters.
  • Lucy and Lily's names came from Savino and his wife's plans for having daughters.
  • Luna is named after a pet dachshund Chris Savino's mother-in-law owned.
  • Lola is named after a pet Dachshund of Savino's.
  • The group is based off Chris and his siblings on his chaotic lives during his childhood.
    • Except for Leni, who is based off Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men.
  • The Loud sisters are similar to Joseph's brothers that they are mean to Joseph and in the end they forgvies him for their actions.
  • Despite being heroic, the Loud sisters originally can act antagonistic bully to Lincoln on some occasions and also the main antagonists in some episodes such as "Making the Case", "The Sweet Spot", "Sleuth or Consequences (except for Lucy & Lily)", "It’s a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House", "Brawl in the Family", "Come Sale Away", and "No Such Luck".
  • The Loud sisters used to be occasional jerks to their brother Lincoln until in the end of "No Such Luck" which they moved on from it. However, they are once again antagonists on occasions in the Netflix film until they realize that Lincoln is feeling left out in their talents after he loses the people's respect, caused by Morag.
    • Lori Loud: She used to occasionally be a jerk to Lincoln and her younger sisters until in the near end of "Change of Heart" which she shown to become a better sister to them (mainly Lincoln).
    • Lynn Loud Jr.: She didn't redeemed completely because she still act antagonistic or villainous on some occasions and couldn't stop being immature, but calling Lincoln "Stinkin'" is just a nickname for him, not a bad name.
    • Lola Loud: Although she doesn't act bratty anymore in later episodes, but she still acts antagonistic/villainous on some occasions with her threatening to harm Lincoln and her other sisters.
  • The Loud parents are the main antagonists in some episodes such as "Cover Girls", "Suite and Sour", "Yes Man", and "House Flip" and the secondary antagonists in "Brawl in the Family" and "No Such Luck"
  • Starting from the fifth season onward:
    • Lori is one of the main characters which she moving out to attend college at Fairway University and visiting home every weekend (previously once in a while). She has now appeared less frequently and is retired from being in charge while no longer roommates with Leni.
    • Leni is the deuteragonist (replacement for Lori) which she is the new oldest sibling of the house while her ex-roommate Lori starts her new life of Fairway and coming home for visit on weekends (previously once in a while).
    • Luna is the tritagonist which she now attends school with Leni and Luan, since Lori is now in college.
    • The Loud family were shown without Lori, due to her moving out to attend Fairway University and visiting home on weekends (previously once in a while).


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