The Man Upstairs (also simply known as Finn's Father) is the former overarching antagonist of The Lego Movie. He was a very strict father at first, but upon realizing his son's creativity, he changed his mind about Finn and reformed, and helps Finn out with the LEGO building constructure (with his own son's creations). He was portrayed by Will Ferrell.


The Man Upstairs only appeared suddenly near the end of the movie twice, though his hand had been seen through Emmet's brain. He is shown to be pretty strict about his Lego world which he created. After he witnessed what his son Finn did, he told him not to touch his things. There it was revealed that Lord Business is based off of him, and he was too blind to realize the truth about the characters his son created. After that now he just help his son out and then started to glue everything together so they wouldn't fall apart. A while later he came downstairs and was very impressed by what his son did. His son started to explain to him what every character is meant for, especially Lord Business. After realizing the error of his selfish ways, he decided to accept his son's creative ways, and even decided to let his sister play, much to his son's pleasure, and lets his son play with the LEGO building, plus with his sister.

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