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Note: This page is about their possible heroic qualities in Minecraft's Survival/Hardcore mode, as well as the Campaign mode in Minecraft Dungeons. Also, the appearances and personalities of the Minecraft Players mostly comes from the one who is controlling them. The skin set below shows an example of how players are skinned.

You are the player. the story. the program. the human. Made from nothing but milk and love. [...] And the universe loves you. And the universe said you have played the game well.
~ Parts of "The End Poem".

The Minecraft Players (any name is player-determinant; with Steve and Alex as the two default characters and models) are the main protagonists (to the player) of the sandbox survival video game Minecraft (Survival/Hardcore Mode).

They are the playable characters used by anyone who is playing the game, and can fully customize their own skin by using the two models. They can also be dubbed as Hero of the Village if they successfully protected a village from a raid. They can also have the option to play on either single player, or local multiplayer.

The players' avatars are mostly mute, or silent like most of ever mobs in the game. Due to Minecraft 's popularity, the player's default character, Steve, is also considered as one of the most influential and popular video game characters and is also widely known in many areas of the world since the game's release back in 2011, and has been featured as cameo appearances (either directly or indirectly) in many countless pop culture and online medias, as well as in video games and tv shows.

The players ("named" Hex, Valorie and Hal by default) also appears in the 2020 Minecraft spin-off game, Minecraft Dungeons, as the main protagonists and playable characters, in which players takes the role of an unnamed hero who tries to stop the Illagers' evil reign. The game can be played on multiplayer also (maximum of four players). In the spin-off, players can also use the skin of Steve and Alex from the original game as playable characters (although the opening and ending cutscenes still features the four mentioned skins).

They can also be friends with each other if they want, like helping each other build houses or etc., defending each other from the hostile mobs, protect the villagers together from danger, or simply explore and have fun together, as they accompany each other in their own adventures and more. Most players gain tons of friendship with other people whenever they play the game in multiplayer, or in LAN games. However, they can also form a bitter rivalry with each other (depending on a situation).


There are two default player skins, typically known as Steve and Alex, assigned to each player based on their account ID if they do not use a custom skin.

Steve has dark brown hair, dark skin, nose and mouth, and blue eyes, with a light blue shirt (un-tucked on the left-hand side), a pair of blue jeans, gray shoes, and 4px arms.

Alex has long bright orange hair hanging to the left side, pale white skin, and dark green eyes, with a light-green shirt (un-tucked on both sides, and a dark green belt wrapped around it), a pair of brown pants, grayish boots, pinkish lips, and 3px arms. Both player skins are intended to be a genderless representation of a human being, although the player's skin can be changed. Steve is also the shape of a "classic" skin, and Alex is the shape of a "slim" skin.

In the Legacy Console Edition, the player's default skin can vary from Steve or Alex to seven other player skins. Multiple skin packs are also available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Store, and the Nintendo eShop. The player is 1.8 blocks tall, 1.5 blocks tall when sneaking in Java Edition, 0.6 blocks tall when gliding/sprint-swimming and 0.6 blocks wide.



In Survival/Adventure Mode, The players' personalities depends on the one who is/are using them. They can choose to be kind, caring, lovable, trustful, good, brave, merciful, and protective. Sometimes the player can also be quite competitive, arrogant, tricky, and scary, but still the player can show love and care to each other and to other mobs, such as feeding their pet wolves.

The players are also defensive towards the hostile/boss mobs which makes it as their consistent source of grief. They can also do heroic deeds on their Minecraft worlds. Most notable examples like protecting a village and the villagers in an illager raid, save each other's back from a hostile mob invasion in multiplayer, rescuing iron golems from pillager outposts, and free the End dimension by slaying the tyrannical Ender Dragon, the game's "evilest" enemy.

Some players can also fight against the The Wither, although it must be the player itself who must summon it. Players in multiplayer mode in local areas show that the players can trust and team up with each other in surviving a world.

Minecraft Dungeons

The main characters have a heroic, and kind personality and are willing to protect and save the villagers from the Illager's treachery and from the antagonistic hostile mobs, and will stop the Arch-Illager from taking over the Minecraft world by any means, exploring so many dungeons filled with enemies.



Survival/Hardcore Mode

The player first starts with nothing, and are spawned in the middle of a vast, empty world for them to freely figure out and explore on their own, while almost everything in the world are trying to kill you. The player must then gather every necessary resources they can find and hunt down animals for food to survive. The player must maintain their health for as long as they can. They also need to build a sturdy shelter in order to keep safe or to settle within their surroundings, and to secure their items. They can also craft some utility mobs once they've built their home: Iron Golems in warm biomes, and Snow Golems in snowy biomes. The player can also find animals like wolves, cats, horses etc., in which the player can tame or befriend them to be their own companions wherever they go. The player may also need to protect their companions from hostile mobs and deadly hazards. They must need proper strategies in order to do so, and to progress in the game. They can also discover villages somewhere in the land, and will meet the humanoid-looking creatures known as villagers (then known as testificates). There, players can trade with them for goods, or protect them from zombie sieges or illager raids to earn the title, "Hero of the Village". When Woodland Mansions were added, players can raid the mansion and eliminate all the illagers.

They can also explore cave and mine for ores to get more resources. They may also encounter many abandoned structures in the world. they must be quick enough to go to the caves or dungeons so they can avoid meeting their first obstacle, the hostile mobs. The common overworld hostile mobs that the player encounters are the Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton, Spider, and Enderman. As night time progresses, these mobs will hunt down and kill the player on sight whenever they see one, and will cause destruction in their shelter. The player must have a secure shelter to protect themselves from the hostile mobs. The hostile mobs also attacks animals if the player is a nearby target to them. They also preventing the player from progressing through caves underground when mining any specific minerals. When the sun rises, or if the player reaches the surface, all of the undead hostile mobs will burn to death and mobs that are unaffected by the sunlight will then despawn afterwards.

As the player progresses in the game, they can also meet the hostile mobs while mining through caves, which makes it so hard to mine at caves. They can also find a village and trade with a villager to get some important resources. During the older versions of the game, one of the player's most well-known main goal was to mine diamonds that are located very deep underground, and will have to go through the hostile mobs or other environmental hazards (lava, steep holes, etc.) in order to quickly mine and excavate the diamonds they've mined. Once they avoided these obstacles, reaching the surface or the player's base will result in a rewarding achievement. Since diamonds are once considered the most "overpowered" item in the game, it can craft some of the most strongest tools in the game, and those tools are helpful against monsters, and most likely, diamond pickaxes gave the ability to mine obsidians, which can either be used for building certain structures or for building a Nether Portal. Players can still continue their own set objectives afterwards, such as reaching the Far Lands, or for a more end game approach, ultimately defeat the monstrous Ghast in the Nether, thus, it is up to them to finish the game entirely to themselves. Though this was the case until the game's official release in 2011, when an official ending was brought to the game.

While in the Nether, players are greeted with a hellish-like landscape composed of lava and uncommon hostile mobs. They can encounter ghasts, blazes, magma cubes, and zombie pigmen. The player can also find a Nether fortress. There, players can obtain Blaze Rods by defeating blazes. The player also can fight off ghasts to obtain a Ghast Tear, which is useful for brewing. Once cleared, players can find the portal and safely go back to the Overworld. Once the player is fully geared to fight the Ender Dragon, they must find and hunt down Endermen in order to obtain Ender pearls. If the player got all the required materials to open the End portal, they must now find the stronghold and mine underground to access it. When they reach the stronghold and enters the End, they will meet the game's final boss, the Ender Dragon. They will have to slain it to obtain the highest level in the game. Players can also optionally bring companions such as wolves, snow golems, etc. in the End, though they will most likely be just killed by the dragon and endermen, so players are recommended to fight the dragon singlehandedly. Using with the right tactics and strategy, the player may able to defeat the Ender Dragon with ease. Once defeated, the dragon will then explode in mid-air, dropping many experience orbs into the ground. Once the player has obtained almost all of the experiences, they have obtained most likely the highest level in the entire game. After this, the player will then encounter a large portal at the center of the main island, which they have the option to go to the outer islands, or go back to the main world. As an alternative route, players can keep the dragon's egg as a trophy for their accomplishments. Once stepped in the portal, they will be greeted with either "The End." or "Free the End" achievement while the End Poem scrolls down in slow speed, revealing the end credits of the game as well. Once finished, the player will return normally to their worlds and they can continue playing the game. If they set their difficulty to Peaceful, the hostile mobs will despawn and they can have a peaceful life in their worlds. As an optional final goal, the player may continue to finish their own objectives, such as completing their own builds.

As a bonus objective, they can optionally fight the most powerful Wither (added in 1.4), which its achievement is only unlocked after killing the dragon, as it marks as a new beginning of their adventure. They will have to kill it before it's violent wither bombs may destroy the player's base and kill all mobs, and also obtain the Nether Star. After defeating the Wither and building a beacon, they have finally beaten the game's achievements and may choose to still continue the game. Players can also find an ocean monument and defeat the Elder Guardian. These are all optional since the game is nonlinear.

They can also access the Multiplayer mode, which they can connect to each other in the game, and can also help each other to survive their worlds and fend off the hostile mobs, and complete the game's achievements more easily. There is no exact amount or limit of the player count, any amount is possible.

Minecraft Dungeons

The Player(s) also return as the main protagonist(s) and playable characters in the 2020 dungeon-crawler game, Minecraft Dungeons, where they take the role of an unknown hero who are destined to stop the Illagers' evil reign against the villagers. The players must go to numerous procedurally generated dungeons while fighting many forces of hostile mobs and illagers until they pursue the lead antagonist, Arch-Illager, who is taking over the Minecraft world. After a long series of battle against the hostile mobs, Redstone Monstrosity, and the illagers, players will fight Arch-Illager, in which after doing so, it was revealed that the Arch-Illager wasn't the one causing the trouble against the land, and was only being manipulated (or brainwashed) by the Heart of Ender inside the Orb of Dominance, which he took in order to get revenge to the villagers that hated him. After defeating the Heart of Ender, players finally confronted the weakened Arch-Illager, to which by surprise, forgave him from all of his crimes, and began to celebrate that evil was finally vanquished in the land of Minecraft. It was also later revealed that the player can also pick the iconic default characters in the main game as their avatars in-game.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Steve and Alex were announced to be playable fighters in the game on October 1, 2020. Their release date was on October 13, 2020.

Heroic acts

These are the possible heroic traits and deeds that the players can possess. Note that everything listed here are mostly optional. They can obtain the advancement, "Hero of the Village" once they succeeded in saving a village from an illager raid, and villagers mostly rewards them with goods, and lower down the prices. They can also obtain the advancement "Free the End" after defeating the largest hostile mob, The Ender Dragon, meaning its existence in the game wasn't a good thing. They can also prevent passive mobs, as well as other players from getting harmed from the game world's environments, or even hostile mobs. While not all players possess heroic qualities in some occasions, the player can show and do heroic deeds, and can also show love and kindness in the game, and it's sometimes done in an optional way such as:


  • Sometimes, they breed many passive mobs and will take care of them, as well as feed them, and keeping them as their pets.
  • Prevent animals, their pets, or other mobs or players, from getting killed or harmed from environmental hazards or hostile mobs.
  • Protecting Snow Golems from getting killed by monsters.
  • Defeating the Ender Dragon to free the End dimension from its manipulative tyranny against endermen.
  • Building iron golems to protect the villagers (or each other) from the hostile mobs.
  • Protecting villages and villagers from either a zombie siege or an illager raid.
  • Giving the villagers' goods and sometimes renovating and expanding their village.
  • Prevent the Wither from causing more destruction.
  • Having remorse for his/her past actions.
  • Rescuing Iron Golems from Pillager outposts.

Minecraft Dungeons

  • Stopping the Arch-Illager from taking over the world of Minecraft.
  • Defeating the hostile mobs to prevent them from hindering them in their adventure.
  • Protecting the villagers from the Arch-Illager's minions.
  • Reviving each other when incapacitated during a battle.
  • Saving the villagers from the illagers' slavery.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Prevent and defeat Galeem and Dharkon from destroying the world.




  • During the Alpha until the 1.7.10 versions of the game, Steve was the only default character/skin that most new players can use, though his appearance can be altered through launchers. Before the introduction of Alex, Steve was the only usable model and default avatar. Since then, he's been customizable.
  • Despite the default player character Steve (or Alex), being popular in the Minecraft universe, he/she never appeared or atleast mentioned in the second spin-off game, Minecraft: Story Mode, due to Telltale Games wanting to create an original character that serves as the player's vessel in the game. Although, in the third spin-off game, Minecraft Dungeons, Steve and Alex now appear in the game as a playable character, making Minecraft Dungeons the first Minecraft spin-off game to feature the original characters.
  • No matter what mode the player is playing, either single-player or multiplayer, their models will always look exactly the same as the other one, and only their skins and names are varied. This also applies in Minecraft Dungeons.
  • In Minecraft Dungeons, the player appears to be slightly shorter in height than to some hostile mobs. For example, zombies look slightly taller than the players in-game, as well as the witches and villagers, compared to vanilla Minecraft, where players are the same height as the zombies, witches, and villagers.
  • Whilst Minecraft was considered the most successful and most wildly known independent game of all time (as Minecraft was first released back in 2011, when Mojang was still fully independent), Steve is the very first indie game character and protagonist to be included as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • Whilst other indie game characters were already included to Smash back then, characters like Sans and Cuphead are only playable as Mii fighters, whilst Shovel Knight and Shantae are only assist trophies or spirits.
  • The player's background had always been kept super mysterious and vague, since there wasn't any official lore mentioned by the developers. Although, many people considered them to have a tragic past in Survival Mode, since they are the only humans in the game, and many people wonder why they are all alone in a very big blocky world, so many questions to them in why they are always alone and why they are the remaining humans to ever exist in the vast world. The most popular theory about their existence, is they were trapped in some kind of dream, where you decide which path you must take. The closest thing in the lore the game contains is by reading the End Poem. The player is often being described as the most loneliest humans in singleplayer Survival. According to Notch, Jeb, and the rest of Mojang, they never wanted to add any background lore to the world, nor include humans to be added in the game in order to maintain the mysterious, lonely atmosphere of the game.
    • Although there is no mention of the game's lore, it is also commonly theorized that the player is somewhat connected to the Wither, the hostile mobs, and the Ender Dragon as a victim from its past actions. However, the YouTube channel Game Theory also made videos about common theories about the game's lore and the player's existence.
  • The default characters, Steve and Alex, are supposed to be genderless, simple human beings, according to Notch.
  • In the latest version, a player is 32 pixels in height or 2 meters tall (mobile version).
  • Based on the message of the End Poem, they are usually considered as the story and the heart of the game, as their worlds completely focus and revolve around them in their adventures.
  • In Minecraft, a player's cubic volume is roughly 322,273 cm cubed. Using this logic, a Minecraft character weighs roughly 342kg or 754lb.
  • Before 1.11, the closest thing the Minecraft players did something "heroic" in the game was defeating the Ender Dragon (or the Wither) and protecting passive and tamed mobs from the hostile mobs, as the game was focused more of an open-world survival game, rather than an exploration adventure game. Adventure and exploration were only an element rather than a detail of the older updates, but since then, Jeb added more advancements and rewards that many players can accomplish, which involves saving a village or protecting an iron golem from the illagers.
  • Their roles in Minecraft Dungeons have a more solid and clear explanation, where players are unnamed adventurers on a quest to stop an attempted world domination from the forces of evil, wherein Minecraft, their background remains ambiguous.
  • The iconic Minecraft default character, Steve, is considered widely recognized by fans and gamers, and has appeared as an easter egg and as cameos in movies, television, and video games.
  • Before the player's default skin Steve got a name, he was known as "The Minecraft Guy" or "Mr. Minecraft". Even though Notch said that Steve wasn't the original name of the player's avatar, he never had an official name and is commonly known as simply "The Player", as his personality reflects on the players themselves.
  • The player's avatar skin can be changed and customized anytime due to their liking. It can be the blocky version of their real-life selves, or from any forms of media and pop culture from television, the internet, TV shows, video games, and more.


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