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The Musician is a character who appears only in Rayman and Rayman Activity Centre. He is of the same species as Rayman, and lives with his wife and child high in the Blue Mountains, where he spends his time playing on his guitar with his wife. He is a hippie, with curly brown hair held in a bandana and a brown beard, while his wife has long grey hair and wears green clothes.

In Mr Stone's Peaks, the Musician's guitar had been crushed under a rock. Rayman has to punch the rock a few times to carve a new guitar out of it. As a reward, the Musician gives him a bottle of blue and pink liquid which gives Rayman the Super Helicopter power. This allows him to actually fly with his Helicopter in certain levels.

In the background, the Musician's wife and child are visible. This is the only family of Rayman's species ever seen. Apart from the Musician's child, all members of Rayman's species that are encountered throughout the series are adults. In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, several Garden Raygnomes – garden gnomes which resemble Rayman's species – can be seen scatttered throughout the first phase of the Fairy Council. Some of the Garden Raygnomes have guitars and short beards, possibly as a reference to the Musician.


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