The New Day began as protagonist at the WWE, they were positive to the WWE crowd who joined them, because it was approbation at first and the team win all match by stayed in their good way. But a few months later, the audience became bored by their happy way and positive message. When they wanted the crowd to join them, they became to chant "New Day Sucks", showing they were now negative at their arrival, that make The New Day turn heel and became bad guys instead of good guys. After this they fight against other wrestlers. They also fight against Primetime Players at the money in the bank match, and lost their tag team title. They wanted a rematch against them, but they also lose once again against them. the members of The New Day are Kofi Kingston, Big E, & Xavier Woods. in 2016, they turned face again when they feuded with the League of Nations (Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio & Rusev). Titus tried to join them , but they refuse every time because they think he's not a good member for their team, and still mock him when he still tried.